Stronghold crusader 2 meet saladin ahmed

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stronghold crusader 2 meet saladin ahmed

It stars Ahmed Mazhar as Saladin, Salah Zulfikar, Mohamed Abdel Gawad, Tewfik El [2]. Production. Budget was enormous at this time in Egypt, reaching , L.E.[3][4] At the beginning, both first meet when Issa accidentally comes upon her .. King Richard and the Crusaders is a historical drama film made by. An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub known as Salah ad-Din or Saladin (/ˈsæ lədɪn/; Under Saladin's command, the Ayyubid army defeated the Crusaders at the decisive Battle of Hattin in , and .. After Nur al-Din and Saladin met at Geuk Su, the top Seljuk emir, Ikhtiyar al-Din al-Hasan, confirmed Arslan's. šifre, varanja i uputstva za prelaženje igre Stronghold - Crusader Guide ( walkthrough) 2. Units This section is fairly long. Have fun trying to read it all. lords will meet their opponents head on or stand in the doorway of keeps. Easy Enemy (Sultan) Ally (Saladin) You Ally (Lionheart) Attack Strategy 9.

Make wheat into flour Workplace: None The only children workers. They take bundles of wheat and very quickly make them into sacks of flour. Take barrels of ale to the inn and serve them to people, gaining popularity for you Workplace: None I think its funny how they where bright yellow shirts for the drunkards. They take ale to the inn to be served. None I don't know if these guys fight back, because they are not usually available. However, they are an excellent source of food in Castle Builder.

Farmers There are four different types of farmers. Grow and pick apples Workplace: None Guys who farm apples. Raise cows and get milk and make it into cheese Workplace: Can give their cow to tanners A guy who raises cows.

Farms wheat and takes it to stockpile Workplace: None A wheat farmer. Come on, its not very easy writing descriptions for farmers. None Another boring one. A person who grows hops.

Weapon Producers You need these guys to make weapons for barracks units. They need resources to make weapons. They also need armory space. Bows and Crossbows Resource: None Takes wood and makes bows and crossbows. Spears and Pikes Resource: None Makes spears and pikes with wood. Cows from Dairy Farm Bonus: None The other women workers. Slaughters cows to make armor.

Swords and Maces Resource: Misc Civilians Ah, the worthlesses. The ones who stand there and do nothing. Mother and Infant Comes With: Hovel These two just walk around. Well, the mother walks, and the infant is in her arms. Keep Unfortunately, you are forced to live with the wierdos. Unless they get killed Shrine You will occaisonally see a spirit lurking around the castle. Hovel The children run around and play catch. They are a nuisance. Inn Let's face it, everywhere there's alchohol, there's drunk people.

Keep There should be a guy holding a book. On the book should be a green or red number, one through a hundred. The higher the number, the faster peasants come to the castle. If it's below fifty, people leave. You need peasants to work. If you build a building, an available peasant will work there. If the peasants stop coming, and your above fifty, put your cursor over the little fire.

If there is a green circle that's full, You need to build a hovel and they will come again. Ladies only appear in quests, and just rome around like the lords, but don't fight.

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Animals Animals, they are nuisances or problems. Crows These guys just fly around. Not as bad a nuisance as the others. Seagulls White birds that fly around water. You know what a seagull is. Camels These are nuisances. They walk around and lay down. Deer Deer are useful, you can hunt them. These are the most annoying animal of them all. Hunters can kill them. They will slaughter your men.

To beat them, I suggest horse archers. Dogs Dogs come with hunters' post and mainly follow their master. Buildings That section's finally over! Wait, this ones longer. Castle Buildings The buildings that go with the castle. Walls All the buildings associated with the walls. Two for One Stone Requirements: Must lead to walls. All they do is get you on a wall, which gatehouses do any- way.

None The standard wall. Wall in your city with this. Three if your a stone-lord. Four for One Stone Requirements: Cheap walls that are easy to breach. Must be lined up with walls My favorite! Give your wall an extra layer, and pizzazz! Soldier Producing Buildings Where your army is born! None The crusader units are made here. You need equipment for them all. None The Arabics are here produced here. Must be adjacent to each other Units aren't directly produced here, but you store weapons here.

Gatehouses You got a city, its wallled in, your good. But if you don't have gates, have fun trying to get out of the city. Small Stone Gatehouse Cost: None These are the lesser of the two gatehouses, but suffice during the game.

If you have a lot of stone, I suggest not building these. Large Stone Gatehouse Cost: None This is a bigger gatehouse. I suggest building these, but the small gatehouses will do. Must be attached to the front of the gate. If you have moats, drawbridges are a need. No, not just a good strategy, a need.

stronghold crusader 2 meet saladin ahmed

Your trapped if you have moats and no drawbridges. Caged War Dogs Cost: None These dogs are not very helpful, but they are fast, and can take down weak attackers. None These can be your victory or your death. If used properly, they can put all attackers at bane. If not used properly, they can put your troops at bane. Keep your troops AWAY. None These are like Pitch Ditches, but more expensive and are easy to hide.

stronghold crusader 2 meet saladin ahmed

They also do not need to be igninted. Watch out for these when storming a breached city. Must be on walls. I suggest building these all over you walls. When an archer or Arabian bow is next to it, their arrows are flaming, which can ignite pitch or greatly increase your damage and they make a cool sound. Need to be dug Moats are also useful. They can waste your enemy's time while they try to undig them while you shoot them. They need to be dug by certain units. Towers Towers are helpful, lets face it.

None This thing can be useful. It is cheap, and you can shoot enemies from high places. The Caliph has several of these.

None These towers are shorter than lookout towers, but otherwise are the same. And they look cool. None Now we're getting somewhere! These towers are O. None This is the first real tower in my opinion.

These can hold siege weapons. The Pig, Lionheart, and Wolf like these. None These towers are the best.

Saladin the Victorious

I suggest putting one on each corner of the city. Military Buildings These buildings help when your far advanced and destroyed the easy ones and are looking to attack a biggie.

Guilds Place where special units are trained.

stronghold crusader 2 meet saladin ahmed

None These make engineers and laddermen. This is a definate yes; siege weapons can greatly aid in your conquest. None These can help you, too. They are also quite useful. Tunnelers are created here. Must be on Square or Round tower. Mangonels are good for those who are constantly attacked. Must be on Square or Round Tower Ballistae are like mangonels, but fire out big arrows. None Have you wondered how to get horses to make knights? Well, here is your answer. Build a stable, and horses will slowly appear.

You can only have four horses per stable. None These are useful, kind of. They need to have at least two engineers manning it, and it also needs to be refilled with pitch, so I suggest having a good stock of pitch. The engineers manning it will have pots full of oil, and then they can dump it, creating a flaming inferno. Put the engineers on top of walls and dump the oil on attackers. Industry Buildings These buildings are necessary to run an economy. Must be adjacent to each other You store you goods here.

You get a free one when you start. Once it fills, make new ones by it. None If you don't have one of these, you're doomed to a life of failure and defeat in Stronghold: Must have an ox tether nearby or it cannot function, also must be on stone Another very important building. You will not have very many walls without it.

Must be by a quarry or will not function. If you have no quarry by it, you got a guy next to an ox standing, for eternity Must be on iron ore If you want decent soldiers, I would get one of these. Oil looks like a bubbly section on a marsh. There are no weeds on oil. None If your low on resources and high on gold, this is your key out. You can by a lot of resources if you have enough gold. This can ease your way out on a time of low food. Farm Buildings Farms produce food, or at least build a factor for food, or ale.

None These are only available in custom scenarios and castle builder. It comes with a free dog! Must be on grass These are the fasteset producing farms. Build a few of these. Must be on grass These are needed if you want to have leather armor. The tanner will come by every now and then, take a cow, and slaughter it. Must be on grass I suggest building these. It gives you wheat, which will be transfered into flour at the mills, which bakers can make for bread, the fastest producing food of them all.

Must be on grass Hops farms produce hops which take a while to grow which the brewers will make into ale, which the inkeepers will use to gain popularity. Town Buildings Here are the buildings associated with the welfare of the people. None If the green bar stops above the fire in front of the keep, you need more hovels to get more people. They are houses, basically. None This is the cheapest way to get religion.

None This is a bigger and more efficient chapel. None This is the ultimate church. They gain two religion and can produce monks, which are very affordable and excellent in groups. None This building is the only one I have no idea what it does. I know it heals diseases somehow, but what it effects is beyond me.

If you know what it does, please e-mail and I will put you in the Thanks section. None This guy that come with this will go and put out fires in you or your ally's towns. None A bigger well with three guys with it. Bad Things These things bring down Fear Factor, but increase work speed. None You know what a gallows is. None A big stinky hole. None A place where they put people and starve them for a few days. Must be on wall These work as bad flags.

None Watch the cruelest form of execution at it's best! Burn the bad ones to death! None You should know what a dungeon is. None People are stretched until they rip in half.

None A person will stay in a cage until they starve. None The most popular form of execution, the beheading! None People sit on a stool and are drowned. Good Things These things increase populatarity, but slow work speed. None Watch the children run in mindless circles around a pole. None Watch a stupid bear dance around.

None More pretty flowers. None Bigger flower bed. None These statues come in three different types of crosses, a priest, and a soldier. None Shrines are like statues, but are either a pool of water or something else that I can't tell what it is. Must be on wall Flags come in four varieties.

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Spice up your town with them. Weapons Buildings You need these buildings to produce crusaders. Needs wood to function These produce bows, used by archers, and crossbows, used by crossbowmen.

To change from making bows to crossbows, select the building, and click on the crossbow at the bottom of the screen. Needs wood to function These make spears, used for spearmen, and pikes, which are used for pikemen. Switch by clicking on the weapon on the bottom of the screen.

Needs iron to function These are necessary to make good troops. Creates swords, used by footmen and knights, and maces, used by macemen. Need a dairy farm in the kingdom to function These make leather armor. Used by macemen and crossbowmen. Needs iron to function. Make armor, used by pikemen, swordsmen, and knights. Food Proccesing Buildings These are fast ways to make food and the only way to make ale.

Must be adjacent to each other This is a need. There is no way to win a normal game if you don't have one of these. Needs flour to function These are the best buildings that produce food. They produce food the fastest. Needs hops to function These make ale. This is a good way to increase popularity.

Needs wheat to function These three boys make flour. The flour is used to make bread. Needs ale to function This is a good way to gain popularity. You will have drunkards, though. Keeps Keeps are needed in the game. They require you to build them. They are all free. Stone Keep Stone keeps are your basic keeps, and you will have them in all normal games.

Manor House These are the lowest keeps, and are only build on castle builder and custom scenario. Stronghold These are the biggest and best. Again, they can only be built on castle builder and custom scenario. Popularity This section is short and sweet.

Popularity is the number on the book the guy in the lower right hand corner is holding. If its above fifty, then you are getting people to come to your castle. Below, and they are leaving. You can check your actual population level by click- ing on the book and selecting "Popularity". How do you gain popularity?

Increase rations on food is one. But be careful, if you run out of food, it will take a major hit on your population. Another way is lower taxes. If they're too low, you might lose money. Especially if your on bribe. That gains a lot of popularity, but sucks up your gold. To change your taxes, click on the keep and move the bar.

Another way is to stop crowding. Soldiers don't use hovels There is no way to gain on that. You could increase ale coverage. There is no way to lose on that.

To increase it, build succesful inns by having the proper amount of ale to support the inns. Another way to increase popularity is to raise your religion. Again, you can't lose on that. To get religion, simply build churches, chapels, and cathedrals. And lastly, fear factor. Fear factor no relation to the show can go up or down. To bring it up, go to town buildings and select "Good Things". There should be a list of all things that would make people happy to see.

Most of them cost gold. If you go to bad things, there are executing things and other bad stuff. If you have bad things, your population will go down, but the people will work faster. If you have good things, your population will go up, but your workers will be one break sometimes.

Strategies There are several strategies to the game. If you have the proper defense, then you can focus on attacks.

First of all, you need to have your city properly fortified. You must not running out of foods. You can set the rationing by clicking your Granary. There are 5 types of rations: Decreasing the rations below the full rations will decrease your popularity but deplete your food slower. You can gain more popularity by increasing it to extra rations or double rations, evenly it will drain your foods quicker. You can also gain more popularity by supplying them with various types of foods.

Chapel, Church and Cathedral. When a religious building is built, priests will arrive. They will bless your people.

The blessing effect disappears after a short time, at a point of place that must be blessed again. The higher the percentage of blessed people, the higher popularity point at religion factor you will earn. What an easy-to-learn concept. You can gain an amount of gold every month by setting up the tax. Click the Keep The building where your lord stands by and move the slide bar to the right to set up the tax. People don't like to pay tax, so it will give you a negative point on your popularity.

The more the tax you set, the more the negative popularity point you will get. The more people you have, the more gold you can earn from taxation.

You can gain popularity by giving your people an amount of money each month. By doing so, you will lose your money slowly, so decide wisely. The more money you give them as bribe, the more popularity point you will get. The more people you have, the more money you will have to pay.

If you have many gold and need some points of popularity, why don't you set the bribe?

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Every time you build an Inn, an Innkeeper will come to it, and then he will look for available ale at the stockpile and bring it to the Inn. The ale is going to be drunk by your people. The more people you have, the faster ale will be depleted. The more people covered by ale, the more popularity point you will earn.

Ale is produced by the Brewery, the brewer must first collect hops that harvested by hops farmer. Here is the pattern of Ale production: In Stronghold Crusader, construction of building is easy. As easy as you click the building and then place it in any location you want in the map, without any unit which constructs the building. When you've placed a building that requires workers, you don't need to assist the peasant at the campfire to the building, they will automatically go to it and work.

In other words, you cannot order your peasants and workers as you really want, you cannot order them to move as you wish. I know it's only a concept. You can freeze your buildings, it means that the building won't work but still remain. To do so, click the building that requires workers, and then click a 'Z' symbol. Note that, freezing a building will also freezing other similar buildings If you freeze an Apple Orchard, you will also freeze all Apple Orchards.

I know it's only a concept again. You can delete or demolish a building, by clicking the delete button and choose any building you want to, then you will be given a half resource of the building's cost. In this game, you cannot repair any building. You can only repair the walls, towers and gates. To repair the broken walls, just directly replace them with the new ones doesn't need to delete the broken walls.

Another concept, you can destroy enemy's Granary and Armory within their contents, but you cannot destroy Stockpile and its goods. You also cannot destroy enemy's Keep directly, as long as its lord remains alive.

All your military units need no housing, no food, no spell, and no fear of course!! You cannot heal your soldiers including your lord by any mean, so you must take care of it. Every military unit is trained from military buildings: Note that, your soldiers need no housing whatsoever, so that after recruiting units, if your PR is above 50, the peasants will still come to your campfire.

After being recruited, the soldiers will make their own way to the building that produce them. They will wait on an empty ground nearby the building, it is called as Training Ground. When the Training Ground is full and you keep recruiting soldiers before moving the previously recruited ones, the units you've just recruited will wait at the campfire or in the way to the building, waiting for an empty space on Training Ground.

This is another distinct concept. In this game, combat concept is so realistic In my opinion, Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold 2 own the most realistic combat concept of all in any other game. Evenly it's realistic, but the combat concept is so fun and nice to do.

All units are made so realistic, their ability, their way to fight and their way to act. For the example, Archery units Arabian and European Archers, Crossbowmen own such a realistic range of fire.

Siege Weapons Catapult, Trebuchet, etc also own a realistic range. There are also some typical but realistic units, such as Tunneler, Engineer, Arabian Firethrower, Slave, etc. There are 2 sides available, Arabian Units and European Units.

You can choose to become an Arabian Lord or Crusade Lord. Both lords can hire both European and Arabian Units. Arabian Units can simply be hired from Mercenary Camp for gold, while the Crusader needs to collect weapons first before recruiting soldiers. Recruiting Arabian Units doesn't require weapons, but they cost more gold than European Units. Arabian Units come within their own weaponry. Talking about Stronghold Crusader is also talking about castle fortifications.

There are so many options for you to choose to defend your castle. The defensive buildings are only the Towers, which you must order ranged-attacking unit to stand guard. The traps are so many, from simple killing pit to the deadly short-range Engineer with Hotpot. In this game, fire can be set on enemy's buildings and always spread quickly to the others, how real.

There are also so many unique traps that you will never find in any other game. High terrain and Towers hold a very important role, because it offers an excellent advantage. Any ranged unit on a high terrain or tower receive bonus of increasing range and attacking power against any unit on the lower land. Any ranged unit will suffer on range against any unit on higher land or tower Gatehouses and Walls also offer high advantage, but is not as good as towers and high terrain.

So that you must notice that castle in a high terrain is harder to attack from the lower land. However, castle on a high terrain has a downside, what is it? It is inability to dig moats. Yes, it's right, gentleman. You can't dig moats if your castle is in a high terrain.

There are still so many combat concepts that I'm afraid don't have much time to write, but from all I can conclude that the combat-concept in Stronghold Crusader performs such a realistic-detailed-simple but deadly units and weaponry.

We all know that in every mode of game, at least a Castle is involved. There is at least a Keep whatever it isthere are walls, towers, gates and of course castle soldiers. If you build walls surround your castle until there is no gap between the walls, then your castle is enclosed, and you are merely safe from any enemy's melee soldier trying to kill your lord. Simply, the castle concept makes the walls as one of the most important things in this game. At all cost, do not let your enemy breaches your walls, make all the enemy's attacking unit don't even reach your walls.

At all cost too, breach the enemy walls. A strong enemy will have all kinds of fortifications, including traps. The most important thing you have to do is to kill enemy's lord no matter what. The castle concept also brings up siege weaponry which can bring down the enemy's wall at distant and is out of Archery units' range too bad, Crusade War didn't happen in gunpowder age. But they will leave you if you fail to give what they want.

Unique to Stronghold Crusader, you can communicate with your people by clicking them, you can also know what they are up to at the present. The job transference is one of the people concepts. They can transform themselves into workers or soldiers you want. If you delete a building that requires workers, the respective workers will return to campfire as peasants. The same condition will also happen when you disband a soldier. If your popularity is above 50, people will come to your town.

They appear at the campfire just in the front of your Keep for free of charge. They cannot fight or walk by, they just gather and wait until you call them as workers or soldiers It's another distinct concept.

You can point your cursor at the enemy's campfire to see their current popularity points. There are so many plans you have to do before going to expand your castle, training military unit, producing foods, defending your castle and attacking the enemy. So that's why there are so many goods types in this game.

There are also many chains of production. The thing you need to take care is your chains of production, don't let one of them get running out of goods output. One of the things you can do to destroy the enemy is to disarray their chains of production. One of the examples on preparation concepts is to produce ales, you will have to prepare some hops.

To produce hops, you will have to prepare the Hops Farms. Another sample, to produce a Swordsman, you will have to prepare a Sword and an armor, to produce them both, you will have to get ready the Blacksmith's Workshops, Armorer's Workshops and irons. Another plan concept is your fortification. All of your fortifications are needed to be planned first. If you want to dig moats, place traps or smelt oil, then you will have to take a plan on them.

In this guide, I will divide them into 4 parts whose each alignment will be explained later. In this game, the costs of training European Units are simply cheaper than the ones of training Arabian. However, you will need weapons to train European Units. You can produce weapons by building Weapons Producing Buildings and an amount of woods, irons, horse at the Stable and cows at Dairy Farms.

Each of them has their own function. After the weapon's made, the workers will put them in your Armory So that's why you need to place Armory nearby the Workshops. Producing weapons take quite long time, while buying weapons costs you much gold. If you build only European Units in a quick battle unless you have a great amount of Weapons Producing Buildings working, you will lose, especially if you want to build them at the beginning of the game, it's not a wise tactic, you know.

You can recruit European Units from Barrack 15 Stonesafter the required weapons have been fulfilled. Here are the European Units: Mobile and fast, but slower than Knight.

Very long, longer than Crossbowmen's but shorter than Siege weapons.

stronghold crusader 2 meet saladin ahmed

Can kill unarmored units at ease; quiet useful against siege weapons; ineffective against metal armor unless in great number; can use Braziers to light up pitch ditch. Can dig and fill moats, can climb over the Laddermen. Archer was backbone of any ancient army. This-ranged attack unit performs great long-ranged attack against any non-heavy armored unit. Archer can also easily kill any enemy's worker in range.

This unit is best used on the tower or high terrain, because the Archer will enjoy bonus of increasing range, thus making any enemy's Archery units difficult to fire at them. An Archer accompanied with Brazier can light up the pitch traps, which can greatly damage even aflame any unit passes by. To do so, select the Archer nearby the Brazier and order him to attack the pitch trap. But, this unit lacks so much power to fight against heavy iron units, you should build Crossbowmen to do this.

How to fight against traveling European Archers: The enemy's Archers will run by then firing over and over again. It should be an equal battle, unless you build Portable Shields which protect your men. If it's possible, build also an equal amount of Portable Shields. Clear the siege weapons first. How to fight against attacking Archers with Shield: OK for small map, not for large map or enemies who encircle your castle.

Medium, sprints when engaging enemy's units Defensive and Aggresive Stance. Best to use to fight against non-armored units. Damage bonus to Cavalry units, however Spearmen cannot deal Cavalry Archers as well, they are so fast and can kill Spearman while moving, and you will need to ambush enemy's Cavalry Archer. No armor, so it can be killed by Archers easily. Can dig and fill moats, able to climb over Laddermen. Not a very special unit. It's weak and vulnerable to any arrow. If you want to use this unit, build in mass.

It will deal a good amount of damage against enemy's Cavalry units. You can also build this unit as a swarming or ambushing attack. As we all know, units behind walls and buildings can't be attacked from the opposite direction by any ranged-attack unit. You can use the Spearman as the last resort on defending against enemy's Cavalry Archers by using walls and buildings as covers. How to fight against Spearmen: Hasty, but slower than Archer. Hand to hand combat. Good, but less painful than Swordsman, Knight and Pikeman.

Best against enemy's Archers, Siege weapons and any light and non armored unit. Fast, furious and useful, all describe the Maceman. This unit is fantastic for a face paced assault strategy. Crack a wall into enemy's castle and send out a group of forty to fifty Macemen. Destruction is guaranteed Unless there are a large group of defending Swordsmen and a clump of pitch ditches.

When you need quick response units, then Macemen should be a great solution. Macemen can climb over Laddermen and dominate enemy's walls swiftly.

Macemen are also great for ambushing against Knights and Cavalry Archers. I usually prefer using Macemen for offensive purpose, because they are so quick. But their power are less than Swordsmen. How to fight against Macemen: Rather slow, I think it's slower than Spearman. Quite far, greatly farther than Slinger's but shorter than Archer's.

Good, much better than Archer's, Crossbowmen can easily pierce enemy's heavy armor, so that's why they are functional against any heavily armored unit. They fire more accurate than Archers do. This unit is best placed on a Tower. This unit has 3 downsides in comparison with Archer, they move slower, reload his bow longer and own shorter firing range. However, Crossbowman's weapon is more precise.

The bolts are so deadly even against enemy's heavily armored units. They are so helpful on fighting against enemy's Swordsmen, Pikemen and Knights. A medium number of Crossbowman on towers is one of the best defenses against an iron lord A lord who always creates heavy unit. Mix them with Archers for the best result. This unit, however is NOT designed to be in a fast paced battle, they walk slowly and reload the crossbow slowly, they are designed to kill slow heavy units.

If you invest resource and time to build only Crossbowmen, when a large group of Slaves are going to attack you, you will have a bad time. How to fight against defending Crossbowmen, especially on towers: How to fight against attacking Crossbowmen: The same as Spearman. Good, effective against light and non-armored units, little bit weak against heavy armored units. Heavy armor but the defense ability is somewhat weaker than European Swordsman, it is true.

stronghold crusader 2 meet saladin ahmed

Able to dig and fill moats. This unit surprisingly moves at average speed. It's fairly effective against light armored units. But I think, with 20 gold more expensive European Swordsman is much better for overall method of defense. Too bad, this unit can't climb over Laddermen.

But this unit is of course can take a lot hell of arrows and damage. You might use this unit in a hot battle to fill the enemy's moat, because other moat digger units can just die easily. If anyone can write a better description for Pikeman, e-mail me: A person named John Gregg has given me his opinion about this unit as well.

You should check it out on Mails from Readers section. How to fight against travelling or defending Pikemen: How to fight against attacking Pikemen: Superior, can destroy any unit and building except walls and towers very easy. Heavy armor Own a little bit more armor than Knight.

Really slow, don't use this unit if you are impatience. Build this unit in groups for defending your lord. European Swordsmen are proved devastating, but if you charge these units to a fully fortified stronghold, you will lose them.

They will be taken easily by enemy's Crossbowmen and Ballista and or Fire Ballista. They can also be toasted by Pitch Ditch and Hotpot.