Top worst celebrities to meet

The best (and worst) celebrity fan encounters | WOW

top worst celebrities to meet

Fans Share The Worst Experience Meeting A Celebrity They Once Admired Sometimes, when we put celebs on a pedestal and treat them as though they're the best I was unaware that introducing yourself to a celebrity at a meet and greet. Here are 8 well-liked celebrities who are actually the worst and 8 who are total If this is true, some may find this to be a little over-the-top. Not necessarily the worst, but not my best moment I suppose. I met Lauren ago (5 children). scrolls until I can find a celebrity I recognize.

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The best (and worst) celebrity fan encounters

We do not collect any other type of personal data. Log Files Like most standard Web site servers, we use log files. Almost instantly her pasta comes back I make almost the exact same thing, taste for quality and send it out again.

top worst celebrities to meet

It comes back just as fast. I don't know how I could possibly make those three ingredients taste any different. Risking having to make the same meal for the 4th time I send out a new plate the exact same way. That same server told me she had never wanted to strangle someone so much in her life.

I guess she was equally hard on her. I finish my shift, shut the kitchen down, change into my street clothes and sit at the bar. The 3 of them and the bodyguard are still there. I got to watch her treat her server like she was a child for another 20 minutes before they left and went to their room. I'd gone a bit early, so I could relax in the sauna before my massage appointment.

I got my locker key, undressed, showered, and entered the sauna, which was empty. It's not a huge sauna: A few minutes later the door opened and a guy came in, wearing a hand towel draped over his head. He sat down on the smaller bench and I immediately saw it was Kevin Spacey.

  • These Are the Best Worst Celebrity Traumas Submitted by Readers

I was a fan of his, and hadn't heard anything about his sexual proclivities at the time. Would that he'd felt the same obligation. After a few minutes, he starts rubbing his crotch through his towel. He wasn't blatant about it, but it was easy to tell what he was doing. After he got his pup tent up, he started stretching his legs.

Top 10 Worst Celebrity Role Models

This meant he "accidentally" rubbed against my legs a couple of times, then apologized. I waved it off the first time, then grimace-smiled the next time as I'd pretty much had enough. The third and final time he decided to brush his leg against mine and then just leave it there.

I looked over at him. He had his eyes closed but was rubbing his crotch again. I got up and left at that point.

These Are the Best Worst Celebrity Traumas Submitted by Readers

I really wanted to lean over and tell him I thought it was pretty stupid for an Oscar-winning actor to hang out in the sauna at a legit health spa and assume a wet hand towel draped over his head would give him the anonymity to make unwanted sexual advances. Get it together, Spacey.

top worst celebrities to meet

It takes place in maybewhen a certain celebrity wasn't quite so famous My partner was working first class, and had yet to reach the stage where he was tired of dealing with passengers and their issues.

At one point a woman boarded wearing a full length fur coat. Attempting to be helpful, he offers to hang the coat up in the little closet up front. She refuses, clearly annoyed at the suggestion, insisting on placing it on the seat next to her.

My partner explains that it will be a full flight, and the seat likely will be full, and she'd be better off hanging it up. She glares at him and refuses again.

top worst celebrities to meet

Soon after, the passenger next to the woman arrives, forcing her to move the fur coat. Again my partner offers to hang it up. He points out that the only other option for her is if she keeps it on her lap for the flight. Also not acceptable to her. He tells her he has a few things to do, but he'll be right back if she has any other ideas. My partner starts to walk away, when the fur coat lands around his head and shoulders.

Surprised, the turns to the woman who yells at him "Just do something with the goddamn coat! This was a very bad move on her part. My partner, coat in hand, went over to the intercom even though the flight attendants in coach saw had happened, and asked them if they had "Any goddamn room in the goddamn back for a goddamned coat.

She barely acknowledged his existence for the remainder of the flight. I do believe that he handed her the coat ever so gracefully and with a smile after they landed. My partner had no idea who the woman was, but the other flight attendants did. Which meant the moment my partner got home, he asked me "Who the hell is Martha Stewart?

He saw me sitting on a low wall outside the buffet, and he angrily gestured toward me to one of the goons walking through the casino with him. The goon came over and told me I'd have to leave. In retrospect, being considered "pretty enough" by one of the world's great beauties is a compliment, but at the time, I was a child, and it was completely demoralizing. Hard work and talent aren't the means to a successful life? What does "pretty enough" mean anyway?

In many ways, I think of that moment as the turning point when I went from feeling at ease in the world to constantly thinking about how everyone was judging me on my appearance. I was young 13, maybe? Stuck around after the concert to meet him.

He went down the line and hugged all these pretty girls around my age then came to me, gave me a look of disgust, shook his head no and moved on. Don't worry guys, I turned out pretty good looking. She had about people 'protecting her'. I kept staring, out of sheer stupidity, when we managed to make eye contact. What followed was the the stankest glare, from the top of my head to the tip of my shoes, and an eyeroll. I am so beneath her. On the lunch break, Chris Noth pulled her aside and asked if she would help him run lines He persisted, she kept saying no and he finally let it go.

A couple hours later, she's walking to set to play one of the police officers at the crime scene. Noth sees her, pulls the director aside, and a few minutes later my friend is asked to leave the set, as "Mr.

Besides, who doesn't want good karma? Tom Hanks Pdxgirl78 has had another encoujnter with a celebrity: But this time, her experience was a ltitle bit more pleasant. Offered to get him some water or coffee and he'd have none of it. He said it wasn't my job to wait on him if I would just be nice enough to point him in the direction he'd help himself. One claims that while Hanks was filiming a scene for a movie when he noticed that a bride and groom were pulling up in a black car.

Hanks, apparently, had them stop filming so that he could escort the bride from the car to the nearby church. What a sweet thing to do, I'm sure that the bride will never forget that moment! Arenofesto says that his mother is a flight attendant and had the infamous actress on a flight.

Ball doesn't speak to the help. Her fans might be not too happy to hear this! Perception is reality I suppose. Robin William First of all, rest in peace, sir! Robin Williams was known to be a phenomenal actor: He has starred in some of the pretty legendary films: Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting — the list goes on and on.

Took pictures with all the staff before he left.