Where did thierry henry meet arsene wenger young

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where did thierry henry meet arsene wenger young

Even if that man is Thierry Henry, Arsenal's record goal scorer and quite Henry has previous experience of working in Arsenal's youth ranks. In an extract from the Blizzard, Thierry Henry has spoken about what made It was agreed the two would meet a couple of days later at the New . When I was a young player at Monaco, there were no names on the lockers. . The same goes for Arsène [Wenger] before the Champions League final. Thierry Henry has revealed the chance meeting between him and Arsene Wenger that changed the course of his career and convinced him to.

When he has time to think. So, with Claude Puel, who was then a fitness coach at Monaco, I went through session after session with dummies. As I started my professional career on the wing, I also worked on my crossing — which helped me understand the role of the guy who passes the ball.

But it helped me to understand things better when I played in the middle again. What difference is there between the joy of scoring and the joy of providing the assist? To me, the most beautiful thing is making the pass when you are in a position to score yourself.

And you see that joy in the eyes of the other guy. You know, he knows, everyone knows. Those who know me will tell you that it can take me 10 minutes to get over a mistake. Even if we lead Because in my head, I tell myself: It enables me not to rest on my laurels, to keep going forward. My team-mates will tell you that I have to be on edge to be good. Pat [Vieira] knew it and kept pestering me. First, to avoid injury [he touches wood]. Lilian Thuram taught me that. The aim is to be the best you can be.

Thierry Henry as Arsene Wenger's replacement a huge gamble for Arsenal

What matters is not to get there, but to want it, to have that desire. So that gift is desire? Jean Tigana made it clear to me that it would be the last time this happened and he was right.

Have you ever questioned your worth throughout the 20 years of your career? Have you never felt you had reached the absolute top? You should never feel satisfied.

Every game is a mountain. Each time, you climb down, better to climb it again when another game comes.

Arsene Wenger and Thierry Henry a marriage of respect

And each of these mountains is different. Sometimes, you stop and take a deep breath in. I was good on some occasions. On others, I was not.

where did thierry henry meet arsene wenger young

Once, as part of the Espoirs team, I travelled with the A team. I even played in a B international against Belgium, in front of spectators. Two more than in Ukraine. It was a pain, but I did come back.

where did thierry henry meet arsene wenger young

You grow thanks to others. Is longevity the toughest thing to achieve in football? There is no more beautiful trophy than longevity. To stay at the same level, when people are expecting so much at each game … Ronaldo, Messi … Are people really aware of what they do, of their consistency of performance?

Do they realise how tough it is to be always at the top? The manager told me: What Thuram told me, which I mentioned earlier. Tutu was very tough with me, but I thank him for that every day.

My dad, too, above all others. But Tutu was tough, during the games, at training … His words were tough. And guess who had to go and fetch the ball? David Trezeguet and me. When I was a young player at Monaco, there were no names on the lockers.

I waited until all the pros had arrived to find a place to sit. I stood there for two hours, waiting. How does it feel to see these values disappear from the game? Becoming a pro is not something that is owed to anyone. When I was younger, I went to all the pros to say hello to them. I started getting massages when I was 21, If Tigana saw us on the massage table, he said to us: Where do you hurt? You seem to get worked up about these kind of things … Yeah. I lose it when a guy is late for training.

What is it that prevents the young guys coming and training this afternoon? Is it this kind of adjustment which enables a footballer to last beyond his physical limits? I worked on my passing game. When I was young and I was playing on the flank, then when I played down the middle at Arsenal. What were the most striking changes that you noticed in the game itself over the past two decades?

Take Ronaldo — the Brazilian Ronaldo. He did things nobody had seen before. They were the first to drop from the box to pick up the ball in midfield, switch to the flanks, attract and disorientate the central defenders with their runs, their accelerations, their dribbling. George Weah was a big influence on me. I copied his game, maybe.

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But how many guys can claim they have reinvented a position? With the new season of the J. League commencing in MarchWenger set about assembling his squad and backroom staff.

He hired former Valenciennes manager Boro Primoracwhom he had befriended during the match-fixing scandal, as his assistant.

where did thierry henry meet arsene wenger young

League the season before Wenger's arrival, [72] and continued their poor form into the following campaign, losing several matches in a row. Why don't you think it out?

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I like the spirit round the game and at Arsenal I like the spirit of the club and its potential. What does this Frenchman know about football? He wears glasses and looks more like a schoolteacher. He's not going to be as good as George [Graham]. Does he even speak English properly? Wenger's arrival at Arsenal was greeted with perplexity by some of the club's players, supporters and the local media.

Glenn Moore's report in The Independentdated 24 Septemberhighlighted the mood: The English players often set up pranks on Wenger to relieve hostility and nicknamed him "Inspector Clouseau", due to his clumsy nature.

where did thierry henry meet arsene wenger young

He is this gangly wise man". It is a serious matter if you can just create things that are not right. Early success In preparation for the forthcoming seasonWenger took the Arsenal squad to Austria, which would become the club's usual pre-season base. We're all drunk and they're all smoking," he recollected. Such was the likelihood of Manchester United going on to retain the title, bookmaker Fred Done paid out on punters with two months of the season left.

Second double, Invincibles, and leaving Highbury The cup defeat prompted Wenger make changes to his squad. It wouldn't surprise me if we were to go unbeaten for the whole of the season".