Holby city jac and jonny first meet quotes

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holby city jac and jonny first meet quotes

Jonny Maconie is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City, played by actor Michael Thomson. He first appeared in the fourteenth series episode "Wolf's Clothing", . While he was attending a people skills course, Jonny met Holby's Jac Naylor and lied that he was a neurosurgeon. They had a one-night. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Holby City, Series 15 Holby City and has been a writer with the series since the first episode. Jac: Shut up. Have your sock back! [Tara is pushing Ollie in a wheelchair on the Johnny: You think they're horrible? Check out these bad boys! [holds up surgical socks]. Jac Naylor MBBS MS FRCS (Eng) FRCSTh is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City, portrayed by actress Rosie Marcel. She made her first screen appearance during the series eight episode "Bird Alongside her appearances in Holby City, Marcel has played Jac in the show's sister shows, HolbyBlue.

Yes, that's what I'm afraid of. On a Mission [ She is now about to perform a very risky operation on a patient whose confession Kevin has been hearing. Will it annoy you if I pray for you? I might do it anyway, then. I'll do some extra sinning to cancel it out. You should have treated this conservatively with blood and antibiotics. Well I beg to disagree. Begging may be your only option - if he dies. He's not going to, now, is he? Where does this arrogance come from?

holby city jac and jonny first meet quotes

My ability - just like your arrogance, Connie. I'm not arrogant, Mr Spence. I am profoundly gifted. So, you've knocked Faye up you dirty old dog. Come off it Joey boy. It's a kid not the antichrist. From now on I own you. How much did you give her Joseph? I made it out to cash.

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You gave him a cheque? What if our presence upsets her? Why did you tamper with the brakes? You get into bed with Connie Beauchampyou pay the price. Yeah but you and me ain't as dumb as Sam.

Look all I'm saying is lets just do this one op with her, I'm not getting naked with her. Who's getting naked with who? Look, Sam, I need to find Mr Byrne urgently. Have you tried Darwin Can we do anything to help?

No, you guys are my butlers, he said he'd be my auctioneer only now he's vanished. Well you guys got the email right?

You don't know how long you've been in pain? Have you ever thought of getting married again, Connie?

Jac Naylor

Yes, of course - I'm just waiting for the right billionaire cum Nobel laureate. Now I'm going to burn in hell And feel depressed. New Lands, New Beginnings [ If he does start rambling on about waking up during the operation, just tell him it's a common experience.

But he actually woke up!? Alright, keep it under your hat. Who the hell was the anaethatist?! Of their relationship, Thomson said "Romantically, Bonnie is the textbook answer to Jonny. However, Bonnie also knew Jonny did not want to spend the rest of his life with Jac and she was "determined" not to let him go. Thomson said Jonny spent the episode caught in between the past with Jac and his future with Bonnie.

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Bonnie crossed the road without looking and was hit by a truck. Jonny was "left devastated" when he realised that there was nothing that could be done to save Bonnie. I've really enjoyed playing Jonny and I'll remember him fondly — but I don't think even he could handle any more devastation in his life!

holby city jac and jonny first meet quotes

Thomson explained that Jonny was ready for a new journey, after going through so much with Jac, Bonnie and his imprisonment.

Producer Simon Harper confirmed the off-screen split was "perfectly amiable" and that they were co-parenting Emma. At first, Jac has a hard time bonding with her daughter, but after seeing Bonnie hold the baby, Jac's maternal side comes rushing to the fore. Jac decides to name her daughter Emma. Emma's birth softens Jac, but it also complicates things between Jac and Jonny.

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Jac wants to hire a nanny, whilst Jonny is keen on having the baby christened. As Jonny and Bonnie's relationship develops Jac gets increasingly jealous and attempts to rile Jonny. On the day of Jonny and Bonnie's wedding Jac delays Jonny by agreeing to perform surgery on Bonnie's brother in an attempt to prevent the marriage. The surgery is successful yet Jonny informs Jac he and Bonnie will be leaving after the wedding as he is unable to get Jac out of his head. Jac then kisses Jonny in an attempt to get him to stay, but after being unable to tell him she loves him, Jonny leaves to marry Bonnie.

However, Bonnie dies after being hit by a truck shortly before the wedding.

holby city jac and jonny first meet quotes

Jonny blames Jac for Bonnie's death and they become locked in a custody battle for Emma. Jac's mother, Paula, is admitted to the hospital with terminal cancer. Jac pays Paula to leave and she gives the money to Jonny. After learning about Jac's past with Paula, Jonny apologises to Jac.

holby city jac and jonny first meet quotes

They bond over a patient and Emma's brief hospitalisation. However, Jac then learns that Paula is staying with Jonny, despite him knowing about their past. Jac's mum health gets worse and starts going badly wrong, and Paula dies. The morning after, Jac and Emma watch the sun rise and they both meet Johnny at the hospital and Jac gives Emma to him for him to look after as she is going to Sweden. As Jac goes to the airport Johnny carries Emma asking her to reconsider.

But Jac boards the plane. Jac returns prematurely after learning of Elliot Hope 's worsening health to help with the Herzig 5 artificial heart project which leads to her having to take the lead halfway through the crucial operation being used to market the device. Guy then attempts to tempt Jac into taking Elliot's place; leading the Herzig 5 project and running Darwin ward.

Jac is reunited with Connie by Guy for an endarterectomy procedure, pushing Jac into accepting Guy's offer of taking over Elliot's work. In the time that she is gone, Hanssen is reappointed CEO following the decision of Guy to step down in order to maintain his surgical timetable, and the creation of his Neuro Centre.

She eventually gives Elliot the advice to follow his heart with his old flame Brigitte Nye Sally Dexter in order to help those with tuberculosis in Pakistan. Jac makes her full-term return as Cardiothoracic Consultant, as well as Clinical Lead, and is hellbent on getting rid of the 'deadwood' on Darwin. She arrives to find that Guy Self has taken part of Darwin for his neurosurgery patients, to her dismay.

She also questions Zosia's dedication to Cardiothoracics having been indecisive about specialisms in the past. Zosia proves herself to Jac in theatre and Jac becomes satisfied with her team. They clash over patient Seymour Orson, a man with Asperger's syndrome refusing urgent surgery. Jac is reported for negligence by Fran to Hanssen, and compiles a file of her mortality rates in theatre. This file is shown to a patient's relative who is supposed to undergo a revolutionary and untested procedure performed by Jac.

When Jac is informed of the file, and performs the surgery successfully although facing complications in theatre, which are observed by Hanssenshe confronts Fran. Jac is slapped by Fran in front of Hanssen, leading to her immediate suspension. It is later revealed that Fran and Jac had a past at St.

Bartholomew's Foster Home, where a man named 'Yates' sexually assaulted the young girls. It is revealed by Fran on a rooftop that she was in fact assaulted by Yates, and Jac saw him do it. Jac apologises for what she did back then and promises to never turn away again, like she did before; however, security scare Fran who is hallucinating, and she falls off the roof. Jac, Guy and Hanssen all operate on her and Fran makes a speedy recovery.