Personal relationship between boss and employee

Friend and Boss: How to Strike the Perfect Balance

personal relationship between boss and employee

The boss and employee relationship is important to company productivity. Many companies have policies on personal relationships within the organization. If the rest of the staff finds out about the relationship, then the manager can be. Your relationship with your boss is an important influencer of how happy you are at “The most valued talent of an employee is their ability to receive Along with not prying too much into your boss's personal life comes not. The relationship between a boss and her employees can be get to know her on a personal level as long as you understand there are some.

Boss or Friend? Setting Boundaries with Employees

As a leader, managers and bosses have to be careful of the way they conduct themselves with their employees. There are lines that should not be crossed, for a variety of reasons. On one hand, you should avoid extremely close personal friendships with employees, but on the other, you need to let them know you care about them as individuals, not just as workers.

personal relationship between boss and employee

Those responsibilities include making tough decisions and evaluating employees. Imagine having to evaluate someone who is very close to you. Or imagine having to fire a person you became good friends with over the years.

Kim Scottco-founder of Candor, Inc, says that good bosses need to show that they care on a personal level.

However, she also says that good managers need to challenge their employees directly. According to Kim, employees need guidance, not close friendships from their managers. This balance is something she calls Radical Candor. Fairness is Important As a leader, you need to avoid any perception of favoritism, and helping out a buddy at work is the definition of favoritism.

Employees notice favoritism almost instantly and the resentment starts building up fast.

Facts on the Relationship Between Employee & Manager |

If you are going out for drinks every night with one of your employees and hanging out with that person on the weekends, be certain that all of your other staff members will notice.

This can lead to the creation of a perception of favoritism and unfair treatment, even if it does not really exist. Career development opportunities should be strictly based on performance and skills. For example, you may overlook their mistakes because you have an emotional connection with them.

Your friendship with an employee should never influence your decisions about raises, assignments and layoffs. Letting go of the underperforming employees is something that you have to do, regardless of how much you might be clicking with them on a personal level.

Evaluations are Necessary All managers evaluate and challenge their employees. If you befriend someone at work, they might get the impression that they are above evaluation and discipline. In business, challenging employees is necessary for any kind of progress.

personal relationship between boss and employee

There are best practices when it comes to performing employee evaluationsand leaving personal feelings and personality traits out of performance reviews is one of them. How To Strike a Balance Between Being a Boss and a Friend It is up to you to find the balance between being friendly with your employees and being a good manager to them.

Facts on the Relationship Between Employee & Manager

Be an equally good mentor to all your employees and show empathy for them. Challenge them and show that you care about their careers and personal lives. The employee is expected to follow instructions, give input when needed, and meet or exceed performance measurement criteria. The manager is expected to provide the employee with the necessary resources and training to do the job, be the person who handles team administrative duties and provide leadership to meet company goals.

If either side of the boss and employee relationship does not hold up their end of the teamwork requirements, then productivity suffers and teamwork cannot be established.

Company Guidelines Many companies have policies on personal relationships within the organization. While friendships are allowed, and even encouraged, romantic relationships are sometimes forbidden by a company and there are good reasons for this. If the relationship goes bad, then the employee can claim sexual harassment on the manager and say that the manager was asking personal favors in exchange for keeping the staff member employed.

If the rest of the staff finds out about the relationship, then the manager can be accused of favoritism and morale will suffer. In small, family-owned businesses, however, the boss and employee relationship can offer a different dynamic.

Regardless, any boss and employee duo should be discouraged from getting involved in a romantic relationship while employed with the company.

personal relationship between boss and employee

Mentoring A boss can become an employee's mentor, which can be a help to both the company and the employee. When a boss mentors an employee, she offers daily advice and career training that the company may not normally be able to provide.

This insures that future company managers will adhere to the same vision and maintain the same company culture that currently exists.

personal relationship between boss and employee