Relationship between education and modernization

EDUCATION AND MODERNIZATION | Sociological Foundations of Education (Compiled by Supriya Prathapan)

relationship between education and modernization

In the ancient days, education was concentrated to one particular group. But with the modernization of education, now everyone has access to education. MQde~ni=2tioll alld nlodernit~'. Perspectives on moderni=&tion. Educati~n and modernization i. nino ia. Perspectives on Relationship between Education and. Click here to get an answer to your question ✍ Explain the relationship between modernization and education.

Traditional religious beliefs and cultural traits usually become less important as modernization takes hold. When modernization increases within a society, the individual becomes that much more important, eventually replacing the family or community as the fundamental unit of society. Political dimensions of modernization involves creation of a modern nation state and the development of key institutions —political parties, bureaucratic structures, legislative bodies and a system of elections based on universal franchise and secret ballot.

Education and Modernization

Cultural modernization involves adherence to nationalistic ideology, belief in equality, freedom and humanism, a rational and scientific outlook. Economic modernization involves industrialization accompanied with monetization of economy, increasing division of labor, use of management techniques and improved technology and the expansion of service sector.

Social modernization involves universalistic values, achievement motivation, increasing mobility both social and geographic, increasing literacy, urbanization and the decline of traditional authority.

relationship between education and modernization

Secular and scientific education act as important means of modernization. It helps in the diffusion of modern values of equality, freedom and humanism.

relationship between education and modernization

The modern school system can inculcate achievement motivation. These values can form the basis of new relations in the society and growth of rationality can enable the development of administrative system. Diffusion of values of equality, freedom and humanism can lay the foundations of a democratic political system. The spread of modern education in the second half of the 19th century led to the emergence of modern political elite in India who provided leadership in the freedom struggle.

In the ancient days, education was concentrated to one particular group. But with the modernization of education, now everyone has access to education, irrespective of their caste, religionculture and economic background. The impact of modernization can be seen in the schools also.

Education and Modernization

The modern day schools are fully equipped with technically sound devices that help children develop their expertise in a more lucid manner. Effective facilities provide barrier-free access for individuals with disabilities, are free from health and environmental hazards, offer adequate space for students and teachers, and are equipped with appropriate technology for classroom and instructional use.

Learn more about the issues surrounding school facilities and modernization by tapping into these resources. The useful life for a school building is affected by how teachers and students work together for learning. As teaching methods change, buildings may also need to change to accommodate them.

Current teaching models require more flexibility in class spaces than the one classroom model.


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