Relationship between site survey and building construction

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relationship between site survey and building construction

Construction Staking, also known as a Site Layout Survey, is the process of of construction of the underground utilities, retaining walls, buildings, site lighting. Construction surveying or building surveying is to stake out reference points . By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia. Building surveys are a means of providing a detailed evaluation of a Site survey. Buildings with unusual designs or construction features.

What Do Land Surveyors Do?

What Do Land Surveyors Do? Land surveyors assess the surrounding terrain and landscape for the purpose of development. This complexity combined with the sheer scale of some projects means that extremely accurate surveying data is required to ensure no mistakes are made.

relationship between site survey and building construction

Where And How They Operate? The role of land surveyor involves both working out on project sites and back in the office.

relationship between site survey and building construction

While out on a project site, surveyors will perform a range of mathematical measurements to gather the information necessary to complete a detailed report and map of the land. They will map out distances, heights, slopes and features which will allow architects and builders to design, develop and build on the site. Land Surveying There are many different types of land surveys, and each has a specific purpose.

Land surveying itself is used to establish or even reestablish corners, boundaries, lines and monuments of real property, or land, such as boulders. Land surveyors are professionals skilled at marking out land by using historical evidence, recorded documents such as deeds and current surveying practices and standards.

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A land surveyor is normally capable of performing many different types of surveys, including condominium surveys, mortgage or title surveys and construction surveys.

Land Surveyors A true land surveyor is a licensed professional who directs survey teams and is legally responsible for survey results.

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Almost all land in the United States is surveyed, plotted or otherwise marked by land surveyors. Typical duties of land surveyors include writing legal descriptions of land for deeds and leases as well as other documents.

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Elements of the construction survey[ edit ] Survey existing conditions of the future work site, including topography, existing buildings and infrastructure, and underground infrastructure whenever possible for example, measuring invert elevations and diameters of sewers at manholes Stake out lot corners, stake limit of work and stake location of construction trailer clear of all excavation and construction Stake out reference points and markers that will guide the construction of new structures Verify the location of structures during construction Provide horizontal control on multiple floors Conduct an As-Built survey: However for the purposes of construction a more suitable coordinate system will often be used.

During construction surveying, the surveyor will often have to convert from geodesic coordinates to the coordinate system used for that project. Chainage or station[ edit ] In the case of roads or other linear infrastructurea chainage derived from Gunter's Chain - 1 chain is equal to 66 feet or links will be established, often to correspond with the centre line of the road or pipeline.

During construction, structures would then be located in terms of chainage, offset and elevation. Offset is said to be "left" or "right" relative to someone standing on the chainage line who is looking in the direction of increasing chainage.

relationship between site survey and building construction

Plans would often show plan views viewed from aboveprofile views a "transparent" section view collapsing all section views of the road parallel to the chainage or cross-section views a "true" section view perpendicular to the chainage.

In a plan view, chainage generally increases from left to right, or from the bottom to the top of the plan. Profiles are shown with the chainage increasing from left to right, and cross-sections are shown as if the viewer is looking in the direction of increasing chainage so that the "left" offset is to the left and the "right" offset is to the right.

Building grids[ edit ] In the case of buildings, an arbitrary system of grids is often established so as to correspond to the rows of columns and the major load-bearing walls of the building.

relationship between site survey and building construction