Star size compared to the earth and sun relationship

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star size compared to the earth and sun relationship

The universe compared to EARTH: Astronomer creates images to reveal the size of stars, planets and moons in relation to our planet They show Earth's size relative to the sun, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter; In one image, North. The Earth is actually one of the smaller planets compared to the giant planets in Body, Diameter (Earth = 1). Sun, Mercury Venus was disturbed, maybe by the explosion of a nearby star (called a supernova). The Sun is , miles (1,, kilometers) across. This is about times the diameter of Earth. The Sun weighs about , times as much as Earth.

Nevertheless, light takes 8 minutes 19 seconds to make the trip from the Sun to Earth.

star size compared to the earth and sun relationship

This is a significant time lag, and means that we don't see changes that occur on the Sun until several minutes after they actually happen. Earth's diameter is 12, km 7, The diameter of the Sun is thus times as great as the Earth's diameter. In other words, you could line up Earths across the face of the Sun. The Sun is about times as large as Earth, in terms of diameter. This picture shows the Sun with some sunspotsJupiter, and Earth to scale. Click image to enlarge Credit: Original artwork by Randy Russell.

The volume of a sphere varies as the cube of the sphere's diameter. Since the Sun's diameter is more than times as large as the Earth's, the volume of the Sun is more than a million times the Earth's volume. To be more precise, the Sun's volume is roughly 1, times as great as Earth's. You could fit a whole lot of Earths inside of the Sun! Even Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is much, much smaller than the Sun.

Although Jupiter's diameter is roughly 11 times as large as Earth's, the Sun's diameter is still almost 10 times as great as Jupiter's. In terms of volume, the Sun is times as large as Jupiter, which is 1, times as large as Earth.

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Since the Sun is mostly made of hydrogen, which is much less dense than the rock that makes up most of Earth, the Sun "outweighs" our home planet to a lesser degree than it "out-volumes" Earth. October 31, The image is captured in the Angstrom wavelength, which is typically colorized in red and shows temperatures in the 50, Kelvin range.

Its equatorial diameter and its polar diameter differ by only 6. The mean radius of the sun ismileskilometerswhich makes its diameter aboutmiles 1.

Is the Earth Bigger Than the Sun?

You could line up Earths across the face of the sun. The sun's circumference is about 2, miles 4, km. It may be the biggest thing in this neighborhood, but the sun is just average compared to other stars.

star size compared to the earth and sun relationship

Betelgeusea red giant, is about times bigger than the sun and about 14, times brighter. Alex Youngif the sun were hollow, it would take about one million Earths to fill it. It's possible that the sun is even larger than previously thought. Xavier Jubier, an engineer and solar eclipse researcher, creates detailed models of solar and lunar eclipses to determine precisely where the moon's shadow would fall during the solar eclipse.

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But when he matched actual photos and historical observations with the models, he found precise eclipse shapes only made sense if he scaled up the sun's radius by a few hundred kilometers. That could be a problem if you are planning to skirt the edges of the next solar eclipse. The mass of the sun is 1. The sun contains Lissauer, authors of the textbook " Planetary Sciences ," to refer to the solar system as "the sun plus some debris.

But the sun's weight isn't constant.