The blacklist relationship between red and elizabeth

The Blacklist finally confirms Red's relationship to Liz |

the blacklist relationship between red and elizabeth

What instrument is used in the music over the closing credits of The Blacklist . Liz's exact relationship to Red is pretty much the only truly important mystery in. On Wednesday's finale of The Blacklist, Liz Keen (Megan Boone) So, who is the man with whom Liz has had a roller-coaster relationship these past most of the cards in her cat-and-mouse game against Fake Red, I guess. One of the biggest questions on The Blacklist has finally been answered, as the season finale confirmed the connection between Red and Liz.

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That's an example of how we have feathered storylines to point us toward this reveal. There are moments like that in each of the five seasons. This reveal opens up endless possibilities for where the story can go in the new season. How much will season six be about Liz, and to a lesser extent Jennifer, figuring out who this man is? I think it opens us up to some really interesting stories. Megan has been fantastic this year.

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The growth of her character -- watching her grow over the five seasons, but more specifically this season; I don't know if she's embracing the darkness, but she's certainly changing. That is going to strongly influence how she handles this new piece of evidence that, remember, she knows but that Raymond Reddington doesn't know that she knows.

It's going to be really interesting and compelling to see how she plays this, how she works with Jennifer to embrace the inner double agent within her to work the system and work Reddington to get to the ultimate truth. How does that shake up their dynamic moving forward? What this reveal does and what's exciting about season six is it snaps into focus so many of the tools that Elizabeth Keen has been acquiring over the past five years, not only from Reddington, who she certainly has been influenced by and learned from, but also from Tom Keen, her husband who was also not only an impostor but a spy.

What she's learned from both of these men in her life will influence how she handles this truth and what she does to move forward.

I wouldn't expect it to be super squeaky clean. She has some skills that are a little bit on the dark side. That's a very interesting character to explore and to follow into the next season.

How does Liz's end goal change now that she has this piece of intel on Fake Red? I don't think she knows yet. I don't think she knows enough to have a well-informed agenda just yet. That's part of the promise of season six -- taking this bombshell, stepping back, looking at every possible angle and trying to figure out the best, most clever way forward.

To the extent that that involves Jennifer, to the extent that that involves the task force and what they might know and how much uses and bends the law to get what she needs, she's in a position to become a strong and formidable character.

'The Blacklist' Creator Breaks Down the Bone-Chilling Finale Twist (Exclusive)

That's something Reddington should be concerned about. And if I can just mention, you had said Fake Red before. It's worth pointing out, this is the same guy we met in the pilot, the same character, the same charisma, the same strange sense of humor.

In a way, nothing changes and yet, it all changes. I think that's important for the audience to know. I don't think James Spader is going anywhere. It's only going to get more interesting. Alright, can you help confirm the micro details of the twist? Yes, those are the bones of the real Raymond Reddington -- naval officer, the father of Elizabeth Keen, yes.

Yes, somewhere in the distant past.

the blacklist relationship between red and elizabeth

Liz said at the end of season two, "I was there that night. I shot my father.

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I killed my father," and that is true. These are little bits and pieces of the truth coming together to complete this puzzle. But yes, those were the bones of Raymond Reddington who were burned and destroyed in tonight's episode.

the blacklist relationship between red and elizabeth

And the true identity of James Spader's character is a season six mystery, I imagine? Do you have the whole backstory and true identity set for him? How are you planning on parsing out that information? Red encounters a man Andrew Howard believed to be Berlin and tortures him for information. Tom ambushes Elizabeth in her car and drags her into the room with a gun pointed to her head, imploring Red to give himself up.

the blacklist relationship between red and elizabeth

Red kills "Berlin" and inches closer to Tom. Tom shoots Red in the shoulder, prompting Liz to break free.

the blacklist relationship between red and elizabeth

Elizabeth and Tom scuffle and he is shot by her. With his dying breath, Tom whispers something to Elizabeth. Red says that he realized the man he had just tortured and killed is not Berlin, who is instead revealed to be the injured guard the FBI questioned in the hospital.

As Cooper recovers under Ressler's watch, Elizabeth and Ressler discover that Berlin escaped his room and is at large. When agents investigate the room where the bodies of Tom and the fake Berlin should be, Tom's body is gone.

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Liz meets with Red and says that Tom told her that her father is alive. Red assures Elizabeth that her father definitely died in a fire.