What is the relationship between a continent and country

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what is the relationship between a continent and country

An island generally is owned completely by a single country, and often numerous to Asia, and is in fact “thicker” at its connection to Asia than anywhere else. I met people who were taught that Australia is part of a continent called in France and many other countries, America is considered a single continent, but Europe North America and South America have a land connection. A country is an entity which consists of villages, towns and cities while a continent is an entity which comprises of several countries. While a.

This is the convention used by Roman era authors such as Posidonius[7] Strabo [8] and Ptolemy. But maps produced during the 16th to 18th centuries tended to differ in how to continue the boundary beyond the Don bend at Kalach-na-Donu where it is closest to the Volga, now joined with it by the Volga—Don Canalinto territory not described in any detail by the ancient geographers. Philip Johan von Strahlenberg in was the first to depart from the classical Don boundary by drawing the line along the Volgafollowing the Volga north until the Samara Bendalong Obshchy Syrt the drainage divide between Volga and Ural and then north along Ural Mountains.

The atlas published by the Russian Academy of Sciences has the boundary follow the Don beyond Kalach as far as Serafimovich before cutting north towards Arkhangelskwhile other 18th- to 19th-century mapmakers such as John Cary followed Strahlenberg's prescription. To the south, the Kuma—Manych Depression was identified circa by a German naturalist, Peter Simon Pallasas a valley that, once upon a time, connected the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, [11] [12] and subsequently was proposed as a natural boundary between continents.

what is the relationship between a continent and country

By the midth century, there were three main conventions, one following the Don, the Volga—Don Canal and the Volga, the other following the Kuma—Manych Depression to the Caspian and then the Ural River, and the third abandoning the Don altogether, following the Greater Caucasus watershed to the Caspian. The question was still treated as a controversy in geographical literature of the s, with Douglas Freshfield advocating the Caucasus crest boundary as the best possible, citing support from various modern geographers.

Transcontinental states, European territory Transcontinental states, Asian territory The modern border between Asia and Europe remains a historical and cultural construct, defined only by convention.

what is the relationship between a continent and country

Cultural influences in the area originate from both Asia and Europe. While geographers rarely define continents primarily politically, Georgia and to a lesser extent Armenia and Azerbaijan are increasingly in the 21st century politically oriented towards Europe, but Armenia has a great cultural diaspora to the south, and Azerbaijan shares a cultural affinity with Iranian Azerbaijan as well as with the Turkic countries of Central Asia. Russia and Turkey are transcontinental countries with territory in both Europe and Asia by any definition except that of Eurasia as a single continent.

While Russia is historically a European country with a history of imperial conquests in Asia, the situation for Turkey is inverse, as that of an Asian country with imperial conquests in Europe. Kazakhstan is also a transcontinental country by this definition, its West Kazakhstan and Atyrau provinces extending on either side of the Ural River. It reads "Europe", above a crossed-out "Asia", as one enters Europe and leaves Asia.

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This Ural River delineation is the only segment not to follow a major mountain range or wide water body, both of which often truly separate populations. However, the Ural River is the most common division used by authorities, [18] [23] [24] is the most prominent natural feature in the region, and is the "most satisfactory of those options proposed" [25] which include the Emba Rivera much smaller stream cutting further into Central Asian Kazakhstan.

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A country has an international status as a land inhabited by a particular group of people. A continent is a large area of land which is marked by its geographical locations and contains regions known as countries which are unequal in size.

what is the relationship between a continent and country

A country is a smaller piece of land which has its own boundaries and rules and regulations for its people. A continent is not dependant on anyone or anything as it only houses countries.

Difference Between Country and Continent

A country is dependent on other countries for trade and support against others. There are only 7 seven continents in the world.

There are hundreds of big and small countries in these 7 continents. The borders of a continent are oceans, seas, rivers, mountain ranges. The borders of a country are other countries and are not always consistent over time. A continent is a big region that does not have any government or people; rather it houses several countries. A country is a region with its own government, people, rules and regulations. Continents have no government as a whole. Countries are self-governed and have their own political entities.

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