What was the relationship between william harrison and benjamin

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what was the relationship between william harrison and benjamin

The second of ten children to John and Elizabeth Harrison, Benjamin grew up at The Point, . Benjamin Harrison Birthplace / William Henry Harrison Home. The White House Historical Association and the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project. Benjamin Harrison, the twenty-third President of the United States, was born in North Bend, Hamilton County, Ohio, on August 20, Benjamin Harrison (August 20, – March 13, ) was an American politician and lawyer who served as the 23rd president of the United States from to He was a grandson of the ninth president, William Henry Harrison, creating brink of war – Harrison threatened to break off diplomatic relations unless the.

William Henry Harrison

When the Civil War broke out inHarrison joined the Union Army as a lieutenant in the 70th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and he would attain the rank of brevet brigadier general by Four years later, he won the nomination but lost a close race in the general election. Senatearguing for the rights of homesteaders and Native Americans against the expanding railroad industry and campaigning for generous pensions for Civil War veterans, among other issues.

what was the relationship between william harrison and benjamin

A highly principled and devoutly religious man, Harrison broke with the Republican Party to oppose the Chinese Exclusion Act of which aimed to close the United States to Chinese immigrants due to its violation of rights given to the Chinese under an earlier treaty; the act passed without his support.

Harrison lost his Senate seat after a Democratic victory in the Indiana state legislature inonly to gain the Republican nomination for president the following year. On the other hand, Harrison lent his support to the Sherman Silver Purchase Act, which required the government to purchase 4. The eastern section, which continued to be known as the Northwest Territory, comprised the present-day state of Ohio and eastern Michigan ; the western section was named the Indiana Territory and consisted of the present-day states of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, a portion of western Michigan, and the eastern portion of Minnesota.

Harrison, caught unaware, was reluctant to accept the position until he received assurances from the Jeffersonians that he would not be removed from office after they gained power in the upcoming elections.

Senatehe resigned from Congress to become the first Indiana territorial governor in History of slavery in Indiana and Indiana Territory Harrison arrived at Vincennesthe capital of the newly established Indiana Territory on January 10,to begin his duties.

In Octoberwhen a civilian government went into effect, Harrison served as the Louisiana district's executive leader. Harrison administered the district's affairs for five weeks, until the Louisiana Territory was formally established, effective July 4,and Brigadier General James Wilkinson assumed the duties of the Louisiana territorial governor.

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During his term as territorial governor, Harrison's home served as a center of social and political life in the territory.

The farm has been restored and is a popular, modern-day tourist attraction. The school was incorporated as Vincennes University on November 29,and is one of two U. President; the other is the University of Virginiafounded by Thomas Jefferson. One of his primary responsibilities was to obtain title to Indian lands that would allow future settlement and increase the territory's population, a requirement for statehood.

On February 8,when President Jefferson reappointed Harrison as the Indiana territorial governor, he also granted Harrison the authority to negotiate and conclude treaties with the Indians.

what was the relationship between william harrison and benjamin

The Treaty of St. Louis with Quashquame required the Sauk and Meskwaki tribes to cede much of western Illinois and parts of Missouri to the federal government.

what was the relationship between william harrison and benjamin

Many of the Sauk, especially Black Hawkgreatly resented this treaty and the loss of lands, a primary reason the Sauk sided with the United Kingdom during the War of Harrison thought the Treaty of Grouseland appeased some of the Indians, but tensions remained high along the frontier. The Treaty of Fort Wayne raised new tensions when Harrison purchased land from the Miami tribewho claimed ownership of the land, more than 2.

Benjamin Harrison: Grandson

Harrison rushed the treaty process by offering large subsidies to the tribes and their leaders so that the treaty would be in force before President Jefferson left office and the administration changed. His efforts were ultimately unsuccessful due to the territory's growing anti-slavery movement.

InHarrison lobbied Congress to vote in favor of a petition to suspend Article VI of the Northwest Ordinance for ten years, a move that would allow slavery in the Indiana Territory.

what was the relationship between william harrison and benjamin

At the end of the suspension period citizens in the territories covered under the ordinance could decide for themselves whether to permit slavery. His supporters used log cabin and cider barrel imagery on campaign memorabilia, including log-cabin-shaped bottles of whiskey from the E.

Benjamin Harrison: Grandson

Van Buren, who was unpopular with Americans for his mismanagement of the financial crisis known as the Panic ofwas painted by his opponents as an out-of-touch, wealthy elite. In fact, he came from humble roots while Harrison was well-educated and hailed from an established family. However, the tactics worked: Harrison won the presidency with an electoral vote of and approximately 53 percent of the popular vote.

He was the oldest U. Harrison gave a lengthy inaugural address—the longest in history—and opted not to wear a coat or hat, despite the inclement weather. Four weeks later he was dead from pneumonia.

what was the relationship between william harrison and benjamin

She was also given free postage on all her mail.