3 most important things in a relationship

3 most important things in a relationship

The Relationship Triangle: The 3 most important things in any relationship and how they are connected [Neil Allan] on zolyblog.info *FREE* shipping on. This self-love is one of the most important things in a relationship. Without 3. Trust. Any relationship built on lust will only be shattered easily. If you ask people what the most important thing is in a relationship, on my own list, and one of only three things I absolutely need in a partner.

Try this thing called trust instead. When you trust the person you love, things will be much easier. No unnecessary arguments, over thinking sessions, or unreasonable suspicions. Trust also shows that you really know your partner well. For instance, you can live miles away from each other and trust that honesty and love will prevail. Do not even try keeping a secret, except for surprises of course. Secrets will only harm the relationship and break the trust.

Once trust is broken, be ready to say goodbye. Openness Be open in terms of communication and thinking. Always talk things over in person, never just through social media.

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When you talk, communicate. Do not just hear your partner out, really listen.

3 most important things in a relationship

During communication, open up everything in your head. Undiscussed matters sometimes cause the break up.

10 Things That Hold More Importance In A Relationship Than Love

When you analyse happenings in your relationship, be open-minded. Whether it is about where to celebrate your anniversary, what your partner said last night, or when to let go of issues, think freely but critically. Passion Love is of course an important thing in a relationship.

3 most important things in a relationship

But simply loving is not enough. You have to love passionately. When you do, things will fall into its proper places. While passionate love is said to be fire that can easily die in a year or two, everything depends on your choices as a couple. Choose to love passionately by turning a flaming fire into a slow burning one.

The Most Important Thing In A Relationship Is..

That lasts a lifetime. Yet if both of you stay the course, so will your relationship. There are a lot of important things, but here are five of the most important. Always love yourself and know that you are enough.

3 most important things in a relationship

Never lose your individuality even though you are with someone you call your better half. Trust is as fragile as it sounds, so give it only to those who deserve it.

Be open and smart at the same time, and finally Love passionately. Loyalty acts as a building block in relationships for other values such as those on this list.

You have to actually want to be in a relationship and commit to it in order for it to work. Relationships aren't always sunshine and rainbows, but the happy times should far outweigh the unhappy ones.

3 most important things in a relationship

Being happy is really important in a relationship and if you are not happy then it is time to move on. Compromise Relationships are all about give and take. If one partner only takes and never gives, something is bound to break. Healthy relationships need compromise in order to work and to establish happiness between both partners.

Safety If you don't feel safe with your significant other then you are not in the right relationship. Nothing is more important than your own safety and security. Love makes it hard, but it is not worth it if you are being abused in any way. Independence Some couples eat, sleep, breathe and live together - and that is okay!

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Even if you two have similar hobbies or genuinely enjoy spending as much time as possible with one another, you should never put aside your own identity for anyone. Partnership Along with having individual space, you both also need to be a strong as a couple. You are not a mother or a nurse or a maid although you may play these roles occasionallyyou are an equal partner in the relationship and if you are not being treated as such then that is an issue.