Ethiopia us relationship with iran

Libya and Ethiopia Reveal Iran's Military Strategy |

ethiopia us relationship with iran

Iran, Ethiopia underline expansion of trade ties oldest independent country of the continent. ** Follow us on Twitter @IrnaEnglish. The U.S.-Ethiopia relationship is changing amid a Horn of Africa power you have Iran, which is an enemy of Saudi, who is an ally of the US. President Donald Trump can seize on the visit of Ethiopian Prime How Peace in the Horn of Africa Can Transform U.S.-Ethiopia Relations.

In Julythe U. Ambassador to Ethiopia was recalled at the request of the Ethiopian Government who was then Frederic L. Chapinand the U. Diplomatic relations were upgraded to the ambassadorial level in During the severe drought year ofthe U.

Congress legislation[ edit ] The U. Congress, however, attempted to set conditions, over the objections of the Bush Administration. In October,the House of Representatives passed the Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act ofbanning military aid, for other than counter-terror and peacekeeping unless Ethiopia improved its human rights record.

If the President certified that all political prisoners had been released and an independent media could function without excessive interference, full, normal military aid could resume. The Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act would have restricted security assistance and imposed travel restrictions on Ethiopian officials accused of human rights violations unless Ethiopia met the conditions — although the legislation would have given the president a waiver to prevent such measures from taking force.

The Pentagon needs Ethiopia and its intelligence service to counter the influence of Al-Qaeda fighters in the neighbouring Somalia. In AprilHuman Rights Watch published a report which accused Zenawi's ruling party Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front of having "total control of local and district administrators to monitor and intimidate individuals at household level.

The Ethiopian government has denounced the report as "outrageous". While Ethiopia is in favor of granting Israel this observer status, Tsegay says, there are still enough countries in the African Union opposed to keep this from happening. Tsegay says that were there serious diplomatic negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, it would make this observer status for Israel much easier to attain. Tsegay gave a weary smile and laughed when asked whether this was something Addis Ababa was considering.

We have to take into consideration the situation in which Ethiopia is living. Because of Egyptian opposition to the project, Cairo objected to a loan from the World Bank. So Ethiopia needs to balance its relations. Sudan is not hostile toward Israel. The ambassador mentions that Ethiopian Airways, which runs two flights daily from Tel Aviv to Addis Ababa, flies over Sudan on the way to and from Israel, and maintains that the Sudanese government has no objection to this.

All these events are bad news for America and Israel. But they show us almost precisely where we are in Bible prophecy! Now let me illustrate a new and stunning piece of the puzzle about the Middle East.

The whole scenario is explained in Daniel These verses reveal what is unfolding in the Middle East, Europe and Asia—the most critical prophecy of the next few years. Until now, I have not understood much about why the two nations of Libya and Ethiopia are mentioned in verse 43, along with Egypt. These two nations are the key that unlocks the strategy of radical Islam.

ethiopia us relationship with iran

That strategy is going to shake the U. We are about to be flooded with bad news. But it is all concluded by the best news you have ever heard!

Soon you will see the prophesied 10 European kings unite into the Holy Roman Empire that is going to clash with radical Islam, or the king of the south. Europe understands what the U. Radical Islam must be stopped! Here is what I wrote in the Trumpet magazine, July —nearly 18 years ago: It must happen after the book of Daniel was revealed to Herbert W.

Armstrong in this end time. These verses point to a king of the south that is yet future. And I believe all indications point to radical Islam, headed by Iran, as this king. Because of what was happening in Iran and the Middle East, coupled with Bible prophecy. It is time for all of us to wake up to what is happening in this world. We are facing the greatest catastrophe ever on planet Earth.

What happened in January and February of this year was only a small dress rehearsal of what is about to explode in the Middle East!

ethiopia us relationship with iran

The whole world will be dragged into this unparalleled crisis! Iran is about to get the nuclear bomb. It is the greatest terrorist-sponsoring nation in the world—no other country even comes close. And here is the worst part of all: Iranian leaders and many of their people believe the 12th imam their version of the Messiah is about to return.

Eye of the Storm: Ethiopia Amid Middle Eastern Conflict | Clingendael

They think his return can be hastened by creating chaos! You can create a lot of chaos with many terrorists and nuclear bombs.

ethiopia us relationship with iran

Never in this modern age has a powerful nation held such extremely dangerous beliefs. That makes Iran a terrifying danger far removed from what we have ever faced before! No other nation on this Earth brings such certain and deadly danger to this world! It is on a path that must lead to war! That is one big reason why the people of Israel fear what is happening in Egypt. Here is another quote from my July Trumpet article: There is a prophecy that indicates Egypt will probably fall to Islam—or be strongly influenced by Islam.

That is probably the reason Egypt is also attacked and taken captive! I believe this prophecy in Daniel That one whirlwind blow will destroy the king of the south. Since I wrote that, Egypt has been shaken repeatedly by Iran and radical Islam. Anwar Sadat, the president of Egypt before Hosni Mubarak, was killed by the Muslim Brotherhood—the strongest opponent of Mubarak today and closely tied to Iran.

Eye of the Storm: Ethiopia Amid Middle Eastern Conflict

Now that radical, violent organization is about to get much more influence and control in Egyptian politics. The Brotherhood has been less violent the last 30 years because of the strong leadership of Mubarak. But now he is gone. This terrorist Brotherhood could get control of Egypt. It could be very similar to how Hamas got control of Gaza. Here is what the Christian Science Monitor wrote January But activists, political analysts and average people in Egypt insist that something crucial shifted for Egypt today.

ethiopia us relationship with iran

Egyptian political scientist Mustapha Kamel Al Sayyid predicts that now the dam has broken, protests will continue. The future is quite bleak for Egypt, just as your Bible prophesied in the book of Daniel about years before the first coming of Christ!

Here is what Stratfor wrote January 4: The Mediterranean, which has been a strategically quiet region, would come to life. The United States would have to reshape its strategy, and Israel would have to refocus its strategic policy. Most important, an Islamist Egypt would give dramatic impetus to radical Islam throughout the Arab world. One of the linchpins of American and European policy in the region would be gone in a crucial part of the world. The transformation of Egypt into an Islamist country would be the single most significant event we could imagine in the Islamic world, beyond an Iranian bomb.

That is exactly what is going to happen inside Egypt—according to Bible prophecy. President Mubarak resisted the radical Muslims in their violence toward Israel and other nations. He was a powerful ally in helping America, Britain and Israel in their war against terror. Mubarak fought against Iran getting the nuclear bomb.

In terms of its peace, Israel is going to lose its best friend in the Middle East—Egypt. The Jewish nation is in grave danger! The Jews know it and many of them blame the U. President Mubarak exerted the power needed inside Egypt to control his strongest opponent, the violent Muslim Brotherhood.