How can we maintain our relationship with god

How to Keep A Strong Relationship With God | Synonym

how can we maintain our relationship with god

So it is with our relationship to God. God is faithful and has done everything for us that we need to know and grow in God. Yet we have plenty of. Wait one minute, does that essentially say, “marriage can affect our relationship with God?” Yup and when I recognized the reality of this verse. "Our hearts are important to God and to us. How can we keep them in a good condition for God's purpose? Find out 4 important ways to care for our hearts.".

We should talk to God about things before we do them. Are you going to buy a car or a house? Talk to God about it. God is your financial partner. Pray to God about major decisions. God wants us to talk to Him.

For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men.

how can we maintain our relationship with god

Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. For they think that they will be heard for their many words. Notice in verse 6 that it says that God will reward you openly if we pray in a proper manner, in secret not to be seen of men.

It is interesting that the disciples lived and walked with Jesus and yet they asked him to teach them how to pray. We can use "The Lord's Prayer" as a guideline in what to pray about. Put it into your own words. How should we talk to God? We should talk to God as we would talk to our own human father. We should to talk to God in a natural way, not in a monotone voice. Talk to God as you would talk to your very best friend. You respect your friends. You would not want to do anything to offend them.

We don't want to offend God in how we talk to Him. Talk to God as if He would answer immediately. As you come before God in prayer, be aware of whom your are praying to.

This being that you are praying to is the eternal Creator God who has all power and glory. Don't approach God sleepily or carelessly.

You might say something that you shouldn't say.

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Always have a humble attitude in prayer. He is the creator and we are the created.

how can we maintain our relationship with god

He is the potter and we are the clay. Realize that you are coming before the very throne of the ruler of the universe! Always remember that God Is Listening! Just as important, realize as you pray that you have God's undivided attention. How can we build on this relationship with God? Spend more time on your knees praying. The Psalms are filled with praises to God. Read the Psalms as you are praying to inspire you in how to praise God. David was a man after God's own heart.

Read the Psalms to see how David praised God.

Maintaining Your Relationship With God

Read a song from your church Hymnal. This may inspire you and give you ideas as to how to pray to God. Thank God for your blessings. We talk and they listen. Today there is no reason not to be able to study and learn from God's word.

Bibles, concordances, and other Bible helps are moderately priced. You can get Bible software for your computer and do all kinds of word searches and compare scriptures of different translations. There are web sites on the internet that has Bible software that you can use that is free of charge. There is all kinds of Bible articles and literature on the internet that you can print out and read. We in the Church of God live in the era of the sermon audio tapes.

There are so many audio tapes around that we could probably listen to a different tape for 24 hours a day for 5 years without repeating any. It is a wonder that people don't call us the "Taped Church of God"!

Even with all of the tapes and religious literature around we still need to stick our noses in the Bible. We need to know what is in the Bible. We need to know that we know! If anyone questions us, then we can say: I have read it for myself and I know what it says!

4 Ways to Strengthen Our Relationship with God

We must be ready to give an answer to every man that asks us a reason of the hope that is in us 1 Pet. We must be like the Bereans in Paul's day, who searched the Scriptures daily Acts We must study the Bible to show ourselves approved unto God 2 Tim 2: We need to prove all things and stand fast to that which is good 1 Thes.

How can we answer another person's question, even our children's or grandchildren's questions if we don't read and study the Bible? Are we taking the time daily to let God talk to us? How many times have we heard a good sermon and one hour later we don't remember anything about it?

It seems that people today are afraid to be alone with their thoughts. Usually as soon as we enter our house the TV gets turned on. It is easier to turn on the tube than turn on our minds. We live in the age of the paid entertainer and the hired specialist who can provide the services we are unable to perform for ourselves, but this is also the age in which we can even become accustomed to letting others do our thinking for us.

The most unfortunate part of our "no-think" environment is its effect on the mental outlook of many of us in God's Church. As a consequence, we don't spend the time or effort we should in active thought and meditation about God, His law's, His word, and how they all relate to our lives. We all need to learn the Art of Meditation. How long can you meditate and stay focused on a subject without your mind wondering? For most of us, it is probably just a few seconds. When we meditate, we need to roll it over in our mind.

How to Build a Relationship with God

We need to bounce it off of the ten commandments. It takes real concentration and practice to stay focused on a certain topic. Meditation is simply taking a certain theme, problem or scripture and dwelling on it -- asking why, how, when, where and what is the end result -- then determining whether or not that is the result you want.

It is a matter of looking at things from God's point of view. We need to ask, would God be pleased with our conclusion? We need to meditate on the things of God. The next time you are lying in bed and can't go to sleep, begin meditating on God. Think about how great God is.

He created the universe and all things that are within it. Think about John 3: Think about how loving and kind God is. Think about how gracious and merciful God is.

When we sin God doesn't zap us or step on us like a bug. Count your blessings that God has given you. Thank God for the talents that He has given you. We are to meditate on God's law. Notice in Joshua 1: For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

Why should we meditate? Meditation is used to convict ourselves of the need for personal change. Meditation internalizes God's way of life within us. Meditation helps to build a strong Relationship with God. In order to have a good relationship with someone, we will want to spend premium time with them.

how can we maintain our relationship with god

Though we see the physical form of our loved ones, we cannot feel their loving presence or appreciate their love for us. The same is often true with our relationship to God. In such cases, we must take a few steps back, recharge, realign and focus on receiving the love that is being directed at us.

how can we maintain our relationship with god

It is vital to implant in our consciousness that there is a Creator — a basic awareness of the presence of God in our lives. As it says in Psalms: So how do we rejuvenate this relationship with our Creator in order to feel His love?

Live consciously with the thought that there is purpose to life: A first step is to actively focus on the fact that nothing happens on its own. We are placed in this world to fulfill specific tasks and must remain mindful of the quest and continually search for purpose. Gradually as we tune in to this idea we will be able to decipher their meaning more readily. A second step towards fostering this relationship with God is to focus on appreciating everything He has done for us.

Next time you find something you have been looking for, show your appreciation by thanking God. Daily events provide continuous opportunities to appreciate the goodness of God in our lives.

The warm smile that greets you during a stressful day or the kind words that someone utters your way are some of the ways God interacts with you. Express your faithfulness through action: Furthermore, Torah study gifts us with a glimpse of infinite wisdom, since He reveals Himself through the holy letters.

Keep working on enhancing the relationship: However, as with any relationship, we must expect ups and downs in our relationship with God. Life is full of stress and trying encounters which throw us into darkness and feelings of being abandoned.