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star project touya ending a relationship

Cardcaptor Sakura abbreviated as CCS and also known as Cardcaptors, is a Japanese shōjo Sakura's older brother Toya Kinomoto watches over her, while pretending that The TV series leaves the relationship between Sakura and Syaoran While Ohkawa planned out Cardcaptor Sakura from beginning to end, she. This article covers the major characters of Clamp's manga Cardcaptor Sakura and its . These "art project" seems to serve Tomoyo's personal benefit and enjoyment than Nearing the end of the series, Syaoran finally confesses his feelings to . In Cardcaptors, Yukito's name is changed to Julian Star, his relationship with. This song is actually from Star Project Online game, Woonyoung and V a.k.a I just finished scenario 30 in Star Project and got the “bad ending” where Touya's holding a melting mousse cake. . Our relationship is on the edge right now.

He doesn't look like he'd love anyone, but the truth is Cold and stoic, extremely decisive and smart, but lacks social skills. He does not like to lose. It looks as if he is not capable of love but actually Born as a son of the Hwan-Young company, his rival is Jin-Cheong, a step-brother of his. Because of the tension between the two heirs, Won-Young is sent away to America until he's an adult.

He meets the main character youand becomes a celebrity while he tries to find a way to take revenge on Jin-Cheong. Why is he trying to take revenge? What has happened between them in the past?

At the time Royal Corporation was contemplating the next heir to the company, Ren was sent to be schooled abroad. After graduating from school, Ren returned to revenge towards Arisugawa Michiru on his mind. Then, he meets the manager and starts his life as a celebrity.

Why does Ren want revenge from Arisugawa Michiru? What happened between the two of them in the past? Control, strong will, insecure, talent, passion, pride Color: Cafe, Restaurant Lucky Item: Piercing on his ear Prologue Edit A man visits you and suggests that he becomes your company's sponser. Yukito is a "false" persona created to mask Yue's "true" identity. For most of the series, Yue remained in a " state of hibernation "; Yukito is unaware of Yue's existence, though he maintains an enormous appetite for food in an unconscious attempt to give Yue power.

Yue's existence is revealed to the other characters after all of the Clow Cards are collected, and Toya states he knew of Yue's existence all along and was just waiting for Yukito to notice himself. Though he is certainly Yue's "temporary form", he is referenced several times by other characters including Eriol and Yue himself as being simultaneously a completely separate "heart" from Yue's "true form".

As Yukito, he displays a kind and gentle nature, and at the start of the series, Sakura has a crush on him. Once Sakura collects all of the cards, Yue begins needing greater power as her magic isn't strong enough to sustain him. Subconsciously, Yukito begins eating even more to try to compensate, but it is not enough and he starts sleeping constantly, even while standing, and eventually finds his body fading away altogether.

Once Touya gives his magical energy to Yue to sustain them, Yukito begins to grow aware of Yue's existence; the grandparents Yukito thought he lived with were a false memory and thus didn't exist. It is suggested that he came into existence shortly before he met Touya, to be near the future new guardian of the Clow Cards. Eriol tells Yue that while he and Clow did know Sakura would be the future master of the cards, predicting that both Sakura and Yue would fall in love with each other.

In the Japanese anime adaptation Yukito is voiced by Megumi Ogata. In the English dub of the second movie, he is voiced by Steve Staley.

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His name, which is written in kanji rather than hiragana is the Mandarin Chinese word for "moon". Whereas Cerberus is the elector of the new Clow Card Master, Yue is the judge who is allowed to test the candidate for their worthiness.

He spends most of the series in his temporary form, Yukito Tsukishirowho initially has no memory or knowledge of his other self.

star project touya ending a relationship

Unlike Cerberus, Yue's powers are heavily dependent on the power of his master. Sakura's power is not yet strong enough to sustain him after he awakens, particularly after she begins transforming the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards.

Yue's growing need for power is reflected in Yukito's ravenous appetite and later constant sleeping. Similarly, the deficit affects Yue himself in instances such as the blatant failure of his magic which causes he and Sakura to fall out of the sky during one of Eriol's synthesized 'situations'.

Eventually, Sakura's brother Toya reveals that he knows Yue and Yukito are not human and gives his power to Yue to sustain his existence so he does not lose Yukito. Yue sports a white suit and spats-like coverings on his feet. His personality is depicted as serious and aloof in contrast to Yukito's, and while Yukito is fond of Sakura, Yue is reluctant to accept her. As the series progress, he comes to respond to Sakura's request that rather than being his master, she just wants to be his friend.

Yue has jurisdiction over the elements wind and water, though he is stated by Cerberus to have control over other cards, including the Wood, Time and Dark. In the English dub of the second anime film, his voice is provided by Steve Staley.

Along with Kohaku of Wishand Yuuko of xxxHoliche is one of the few Clamp-created characters to appear in more than one work. Born of an English father and a Chinese mother, Clow created a new type of magic that blended both Eastern and Western magical elements. His plan was to hand down the magic to people who would use and protect it while meeting all of the qualifications.

However, few people could learn his brand of magic. The character of Clow is only seen in flashbacksas he has long been dead before the series starts. Few details are revealed about his character, personality, or life, though multiple characters comment on his eccentricity. He displays a gentle and affable personality in his interactions with his creations.

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When Clow knew he was about to die, he chose his then-unborn descendant Sakura Kinomoto to become the new guardian of the cards and the new master of Yue and Cerberus. Clow's magical ability allowed him to foresee most of the future and plan many of the situations that would enable Sakura to succeed in taking full possession of the Clow Cards.

Likewise, he deliberately made the sealing wand pink, reflecting that its future user would be a young girl. He also split his soul into two reincarnations: Eriol Hiiragizawa who had all of his memories and magic, and Fujitaka KinomotoSakura's father. In the anime adaptation, Clow does not split his soul, instead passing on his memories, soul, and powers to Eriol exclusively. Li Syaoran is also an indirect descendant of Clow's Chinese lineage. In the anime adaptation and the film, he is voiced by Kazuo Hayashi.

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In the English adaptation, Cardcaptors, he is voiced by Dale Wilson. A busy professor of archaeology at Towa University, Fujitaka is a kind and caring father. He met his late wife Nadeshiko while doing his first year as a teacher at her high school. Nadeshiko had climbed a tree to return a baby bird to its nest, but fell out of the tree, landing on Fujitaka. Upon seeing her, he stated that "an angel has fallen from the sky.

Though Nadeshiko died seven years before the start of the series, Fujitaka is shown to still be very much in love with her and devoted to her memory.

He keeps a picture of her in the dining room, changing it each morning. Little is initially said about Fujitaka's family or past. During the second half of the series, it is revealed that when Clow Reed divided his soul seeking to no longer be the most powerful magician in the worldhe split it into two halves. One of these halves became Eriol Hiiragizawaholding all of Clow's magic and memories, and the other being Fujitaka, who has no magic of his own, but fathered the one who would inherit the cards.

It is stated that Fujitaka has no magical powers of his own, but he is also unaffected by other Clow's magic, such as the Eriol's sleep spell.

At the end of the series, Eriol gives half of his magic to Fujitaka. This enables Fujitaka to finally see the spirit of Nadeshiko, who has been watching over her family since her death. In the anime adaptation, Fujitaka's role as the other half of Clow Reed's reincarnation is completely removed as is his immunity to Eriol's magic and he is never able to see Nadeshiko's spirit. He is voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka.

In the English dub of the second movie, he is voiced by Michael McConnohie. She is rarely seen in the series, but is said to be a wealthy woman and the President of a large toy corporation. She greatly loved her cousin Nadeshiko, and disapproved of her marriage to Fujitaka, later blaming Fujitaka for Nadeshiko's death at a young age. During the marriage, it is implied that Nadeshiko was at least partially cut off from her family. Sonomi maintains a pixie cuta hairstyle Nadeshiko loved giving her when they were kids; and has Tomoyo keep her hair long because it reminds her of Nadeshiko.

After meeting Sakura for the first time, Sonomi realizes that Nadeshiko had lived a happy life and is able to come to terms with the marriage.

At times, she still treats Fujitaka as a "rival" competing to love Nadeshiko more, but she also helps him pass on gifts from Sakura to her grandfather and to arrange for Sakura to meet her great-grandfather while on a family vacation. Sonomi shows great affection for Sakura—treating her like her own daughter—and often clears her busy work schedule to join her and Tomoyo whenever Sakura comes over to visit. In the Cardcaptors English adaptation, her name is changed to Samantha Taylor and her declaration of love for Nadeshiko is modified to a purely familiar love rather than a romantic love.

In the Clear Card arc, she is voiced by Michelle Rojas. She worked as a model from her teens up until her death. She was sixteen when she met Fujitaka when he worked as a student teacher at her high school.

star project touya ending a relationship

She met Fujitaka when she climbed a tree to rescue a bird nest and accidentally fell, and landed on him as he saved her from getting hurt. He then remarked, "l had thought an angel fell from the sky". With those words, she fell in love with him. Soon after, against the wishes of her family, they got married despite their nine-year age gap he was 25, she was She died from an unnamed illness when Sakura was three. Because she was 27 when she died and Sakura was three and Toya was eight, it is likely that she gave birth to Toya at Although she has died, she is still very much remembered and loved by her family; Fujitaka keeps her picture in the family room and Sakura never fails to greet her photo every morning.

She appears occasionally as a spirit and is seen only by Toya, Eriol, and Sakura beginning with volume 4 of the Clear Card arc. In the Clear Card arc, she is voiced by Megan Shipman.

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During the series, as the main characters go through fourth grade, and enter the fifth grade, he acts as their home room teacher. He is also shown teaching in other classes, including the physical education classes, and he acts as the chaperon on several school field trips. As the series progresses, it is revealed that he is having a romantic relationship with his student Rika Sasaki. In the manga, they become engaged when he gives her a ring, noting that he hopes it will one day become her wedding ring.

Rika gives him a teddy bear she made and named after herself, which legends says will allow them to remain in love forever. Towards the end of the series, when Sakura is unsure of her feelings about Li, the couple is shown having a picnic at a park, with Terada slipping away so Sakura doesn't notice him. During the series, none of the other characters appear to know about the relationship, though when Rika is taken over by the Sword card, Sakura hears her call out "Sensei" teacher when she uses the Illusion card to show Rika her most beloved.

In the anime adaptation, their relationship is not shown in the same light. Their engagement and more romantic scenes between them are removed, and Rika notes that Terada reminds her of her absentee father. Terada is also shown accepting cakes made by Rika and in accepting the bear and naming it after his "hardest working student.

Terada, and all aspects of the romantic relationship between Terada and Rika are completely removed, with Rika's shyness and reactions to him made to appear to be more of a general fear of men than romantic feelings.

In the Cardcaptors dub, he is voiced by Brian Drummond. He is voiced by Steven Blum in the English dub of the second movie. In the Clear Card arc, he is voiced by Zach Bolton. She is considered to be very elegant and mature for her age, though she can also be shy. During the series, she is also shown to be a skilled cook and very good at crafts.

During the series, Rika is affected by the Clow Cards several times. Early in the series, she buys a brooch that is actually The Sword card. The card takes her over and causes her to attack Sakura. Sakura is able to stop Rika by using The Illusion card to show her an image of her beloved or greatest fear in the English duballowing Sakura to capture the card.

During the second half of the series, she is nearly drowned during a magical trial Eriol Hiiragizawa created to cause Sakura to convert a Clow Card to Sakura Card. During the series, Rika is shown to be in a romantic relationship with her teacher Yoshiyuki Terada.

In the manga series, they are engaged to be married when she is old enough, and they frequently spend time alone together on "dates. Rika gives Terada the hand-made teddy bear she made, and he names it after her.

star project touya ending a relationship

In both the manga and anime, when Sakura uses the Illusion card to stop Rika's attacks induced by the Sword card, she calls the image "Sensei" which means "teacher" in Japanese. During the final judgment when Yue shows Sakura a world where everyone has lost their feelings for the one they love the most, Rika is shown handing Terada a paper without her usual blush and shy look. After graduating from Elementary School, Rika is the only among Sakura's friends who enrolled in a different Junior High School, and thus is not seen with them in Clear Card, although they usually keep in touch.

In the Cardcaptors English adaptation, Rika's name is changed to Rita and all hints of her relationship with Terada are removed. Instead of being a good student, she is depicted as having trouble with her school work and her blushing around Terada is explained away as being embarrassed at having to stay after school so often and that she is afraid of him.

In the original anime series, she is voiced by Tomoko Kawakami. In the Clear Card arc, she is voiced by Saki Fujita. In the English dub of the second film, she is voiced by Stevie Bloch. In the Clear Card arc, she is voiced by Alex Moore. He is infamously known for fabricating highly detailed stories on the supposed history of practically any subject, usually whatever Sakura and her friends happening to be discussing.

star project touya ending a relationship

Sakura and Syaoran are often gullible enough to believe the stories, which often provide an element of humour in the series. His stories are primarily interrupted by Chiharu, who physically disciplines him by strangling him until he stops talking and will resort to dragging him away when she proves to be unsuccessful.

His storytelling is later supplemented by Eriol, who helps to reinforce the false validity of his stories and whose presence prevents Chiharu from stopping Yamazaki's lies. Notably, Yamazaki's eyes are almost never open, causing Meiling to hypothesize that he only opens his eyes when telling the truth, a hypothesis that is later proven false.

While generally viewed as lighthearted and energetic, Yamazaki can also be sensitive and serious. In the last volume of the manga, when Sakura was down, he leaves the scene in order for Chiharu to talk to Sakura. Chiharu adds that he understands that Sakura needs her guidance and counseling, which is why he left so they could talk rather than stay to tell stories.

Yamazaki also makes an appearance in Clamp's manga series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle in Piffle Country as an announcer, where he retains his tendency to fabricate elaborate stories. In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Issei Miyazaki.

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Along with Rika Sasaki and Naoko Yanagisawa, Chiharu often appears alongside Sakura at school and during school events. She is also on the school's cheerleading squad with Sakura. Chiharu's most notable trait is her relationship with Takashi Yamazaki, whom she has known since kindergarten. Despite the rough-handling, she and Yamazaki actually share a close relationship and it is implied that they care for one another in a more affectionate manner. In the last volume of the series, Chiharu speaks openly about her relationship with Yamazaki when Sakura turns to her for advice on love and true feelings as Sakura reflects on her own relationship with Syaoran.

In the English adaptation Cardcaptors, she is known as Chelsea and Yamazaki is written as her cousin to justify the random acts of strangling as sibling rivalry. In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Miwa Matsumoto. In the Clear Card arc, she is voiced by Jill Harris.

Despite being bad at gymnastics, she is also a member of the school's cheerleading squad alongside Sakura. Naoko loves reading various types of stories, especially fantasy stories and ghost stories.

While Sakura reacts to scary situations with utmost fear, Naoko reacts with fascination and a brave willingness to explore these mysterious situations further.

In the anime, Naoko's love of stories causes trouble when she finds The Create card in the form of a notebook and writes a fantastic story within it, forcing Sakura to defeat Naoko's creations before recovering The Create. When Naoko wakes up the next morning to find her book suddenly missing, she believes she just had a supernatural experience. She is known as Nikki in the English adaptation Cardcaptors. Initially objecting to Nadeshiko's marriage to Fujitaka Kinomoto, he became more accepting upon meeting Sakura and later receiving a gift from her as a form of peace between family members.

In the episode, Sakura and the Rainbow of Memories, Sakura doesn't know who he was and they spent a good time together, playing tennis, having tea, Sakura giving him cookies and Masaki giving Sakura the dress her mother wore. Just before leaving, Sakura used the Rain card to make a rainbow for Masaki, prompting him to remember when Nadeshiko had first pointed out a rainbow to him. Sakura discovers the present Masaki left her was the dress she wore at his summer house, although she does not seem to realizes who he actually is despite Cerberus pointing out its origins.

Masaki later appears in Clear Card, inviting Sakura and Syaoran for another visit to his summer house. In the occasion, he presents Sakura with a mysterious key that once belonged to her mother, and later states that he intends is to have Sakura inherit the summer house itself after he passes away. In the anime series, Masaki is voiced by Osamu Saka. In the English dub, Mr. Avalon was portrayed instead as the father of Natasha Avalon, making him the grandfather of Sakura instead of her great-grandfather.

She first appears in the series as a new substitute teacher at Tomoeda Elementary School for the math class of Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li. While Sakura instantly crushes on the female teacher and feels a connection with her, Syaoran is distrustful and believes she is up to no good.

After this incident, the readers learn that Sakura's older brother Toya dated Kaho when she was his junior high school teacher and that they broke up when Kaho left to study in England.

Before she left, she told them that when they met again, they would be in love with different people which he acknowledges is now true. After meeting her, Cerberus incorrectly believes that Kaho is the false form of his fellow guardian Yuewhich is later shown to actually be Yukito Tsukishiro. Kaho's role is to use the bell left at her family's shrine to give Sakura another chance when she is unable to defeat Yue out of fear of hurting him. The bell changes Sakura's staff into a new staff containing her own power of the stars and gives her the power to use the cards to defeat Yue.

After fulfilling this duty, she returns to England. During the third season of the series, she is primarily "seen" through providing a steady, but oftentimes enigmatic exchange of letters with Sakura over the mysterious attacks.

After Eriol Hiiragizawa reveals the truth behind the attacks, they learn that Kaho had met Eriol three years before Sakura discovered the Book of the Clow. As they leave for England, Kaho and Eriol confirm their feelings for one another and vow to remain together. She is later seen beside Eriol on a few occasions in both the second movie and the Clear Card arc.

In the anime series, Kaho is voiced by Emi Shinohara. She is voiced by Philece Sampler in the English adaptation of the second movie. The reincarnation of Clow ReedEriol has both Clow's memories and all of his magic power.

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He has a magical staff similar to Clow Reed's, can restrain Clow's creations Yue and Cerberus, and has created his own similar pair of guardians: Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun. He moves from England to transfer to Tomoeda Elementary school after Sakura Kinomoto passed the Last Judgement and became the official master of the cards.

He is depicted as a quiet, mature boy while at school, though he also shows a mischievous side when he regularly joins classmate Takashi Yamazaki in weaving complex lies about the history of objects, places, and events. While seeming a normal student to Sakura, Syaoran Li is suspicious of him, mainly due to that Eriol is overly nice to Sakura which makes Syaoran jealous.

star project touya ending a relationship

It is soon shown that Yue and Cerberus are able to detect his magical signature as being Clow's, and Eriol must erase Yue's memories of encountering him after he is accidentally seen by him. Eriol came to Japan in order to aid Sakura and force her to use her own magical powers to convert the Clow Cards into Sakura cards.

This is necessary as the cards take their magical energy from their master, but until Sakura converted them, they could not use her magic and were slowly dying. The guardian Yue also was suffering the same fate, forcing Sakura's brother to "feed" him all of his magical power to prevent Yue, and his false form Yukito, from dying.

Sakura does not become aware that Eriol is causing all of the magical disasters that are forcing her to convert the cards until near the end of the series when Eriol reveals himself to her.