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Zankyou no Terror presents itself as a thought provoking mystery but not much was done to develop their relationship in the time between that. This isn't a bad thing, as the ending to Zankyou no Terror is pretty compelling. Twelve is the best character in Terror in Resonance. . It's a great foundation for their relationship to grow on, and the show handled it expertly. It's a horribly tragic, unexpected ending to the love that Twelve and Lisa had. Terror in Resonance Ep. 11 (Finale): Your hand in mine . Certainly, Japan's relationship with the US continues to be problematic, but any proposed solution I just want this post to focus on the ending and the ending alone.

Shibazaki then laments to Kurahashi that, as a Hiroshima native, he hated summer due to the fears held by the older townspeople who experienced the town's atomic bombing during World War II. Nine and Twelve send a third video with another riddle related to Oedipus Rex. Finally unable to bear with her mentally unstable mother, Lisa runs away from home. Solving the riddle, the police streams a live recording of Shibazaki all over Japan, in which he announces the location of the newest bomb.

He then issues a direct challenge to Nine and Twelve before the police is forced to cut off the livestream. Viewing news and surveillance footage and realizing the officers were wearing hazmat suitsNine realizes the police have definitely connected them to the stolen plutonium. Kurahashi reveals to other officers the reason behind Shibazaki's demotion, as Shibazaki steps outside the building and comments, "Today's another hot day.

Twelve goes out to follow Lisa, expressing his concern that her running away from home will jeopardize the mission. Nine sends a fourth video, titled "Time Shock Bomb", where he and Twelve give another riddle related to Oedipus Rex and then state their hopes that their game would be played "without cheating", otherwise a hidden bomb will explode. Using the riddle, Shibazaki finds a website created by Nine and Twelve, which asks for a password related to three maxims inscribed at the temple at Delphi.

Realizing that time is running out, the police decide to search an apartment building where Nine was recorded dropping off a suspicious package, although Shibazaki is still intent on solving the riddle.

Twelve finds Lisa and tells her to go home, but she refuses, then comments she was stupid for running away before fleeing. Police officers breach the apartment, only to find no bomb and a laptop instead.

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Time runs out, even though Shibazaki manages to solve the password his surname. Seconds later, police investigation reports of the attacks are leaked online, drawing a shocked reaction from the public since the reports conclude the perpetrators are always one step ahead of them. Simultaneously, Twelve rescues Lisa from two police officers. While on their way to Nine's location, Lisa asks Twelve if he is going to destroy the world, to which both laugh; Lisa then comments she hadn't laughed like that in "a really long time".

At Nine's location, he disapproves of Lisa staying with them, just before she suddenly collapses. They then catch her playing around with their devices, and she faints again after learning she nearly blew up the building with one of their newly made bombs.

Nine and Twelve later place the same bomb inside a passenger train. Upon returning home, they find Lisa attempting to cook, and then criticize her food.

Twelve later comments to Nine that the food had value despite its taste, since it reminded him of the food at the institution. Nine and Twelve then send another video with another riddle, also saying that an explosion will occur after 8: Using clues from the riddle, Shibazaki concludes the newest bomb is on the Shuto Shinjuku Line train.

He then explains his discovery of a connection between all of the bombings: As the day goes by, there have been no reports of the bomb being recovered, and Nine and Twelve, not wishing to kill people, plan on deactivating it using a cellphone. However, cellphone reception goes out all over the area, preventing them from doing so, forcing them to try and remove it manually. Kurahashi later informs Shibazaki that higher-ranking agents have prevented them from removing the bomb.

While trying to pinpoint the train's location, Nine is horrified when his computer is hacked into, and realizes that he might know the hacker.

He then manages to find the train using a second computer and rushes to the station, throwing a smoke bomb to force commuters off the train and cover his tracks.

However, one woman still remains, and the bomb explodes as he enters the train to save her. Nine is unhurt, and as he drags the commuter out of the wreckage, he receives a text message saying, "I found you". Shibazaki confronts Kurahashi about the bombing, but he informs him that he had no knowledge of it. They then spot a mysterious woman sitting nearby, whom Nine identifies as Five. After Nine has a nightmare involving Five, he and Twelve discuss about her, and Nine concludes that Five is continuing a "game" the three played together previously.

When Lisa offers to help them, Nine shows her pictures of the aftermath of the subway train bombing and states that this is what they were doing, which shocks her.

Kurahashi later recounts to Shibazaki his meeting with the FBI agents, which include Five, whose job is described as a researcher from an American organization called the Nuclear Emergency Support Team. Twelve tells Lisa that he suffers from synesthesiaa condition that allows him to see colors through sound, and describes her voice as being a "pale yellow". Five sends a text containing a riddle to the public, posing as Sphinx; the riddle can only be decoded via Caesar cipher.


The answer turns out to be a set of coordinates leading to Haneda Airport 's International Terminal, one of the locations targeted by Nine and Twelve. The police try to respond to the scene, only to be told to stand by on orders from the superintendent general. Knowing that they will be caught by Five while trying to enter the terminal, Nine reluctantly decides to bring Lisa along with them, since she isn't known to be associated with him and Twelve.

Shibazaki and several officers decide to disobey orders and converge on the terminal as well. Upon arriving at the terminal, Nine realizes that Five plans to play a game of chess using the airport as the chessboard.

Arriving at the terminal, Shibazaki and the officers see messages being given to Nine and Twelve from Five in regards to the game and learn that the police ordered airport employees to transmit them. They realize that the latest Sphinx video was a fake created by the police, and that it is Sphinx they are communicating with. When they get closer to the bomb's potential location, Twelve sends in Lisa to create a distraction; after some hesitation, she sets off flares that trigger a fire alarm.

Twelve then hacks into the camera system and brings the recordings back by five minutes, allowing Nine to rush to Five's location without being detected. He confronts Five and holds her at gunpoint with a pistol he brought, demanding to know why she is getting in the way of his and Twelve's plans. She responds that she wants to settle something with him, then reveals her knowledge of Lisa being an accomplice and that she is being held captive at the bomb's location.

Airport police then arrive and fire at Nine, forcing him away. While fleeing, he briefly passes Shibazaki. Nine regroups with Twelve, who receives a phone call from Lisa describing her and the bomb's whereabouts: Realizing there is a way to save both Lisa and the commuters, Nine contacts Shibazaki, convinces him that the latest bomb isn't Sphinx's, and instructs him to infiltrate the control tower and take control of the autopilot system.

Nine and Twelve rescue Lisa from the plane, while Shibazaki enters the control room and forces one of the operators to divert the plane away from the terminal at gunpoint. The plane explodes without injuring anyone, and Shibazaki spots a masked Nine, who signals him in thanks before leaving. Five manages to escape, and it is revealed that she has Lisa's school ID. Looking at it, she smiles and says, "You won't get away again. The officers who accompanied Shibazaki to Haneda Airport are reprimanded by their boss, who takes them off the case and gives them a three-month suspension, while Shibazaki himself is given a permanent suspension.

Shibazaki goes to his daughter Haruka, who is studying physics at a university, and asks her if an average person could construct an atomic bomb from plutonium. She replies that with the right tools and knowledge, it is possible. She sends her a bomb, but Lisa escapes before it detonates, destroying the entire upper floor. Joined by Nine and Twelve, Lisa flees to an abandoned video arcade that Nine and Twelve arranged to use as an alternate refuge. There, Nine implies that it was Lisa's fault their initial headquarters was destroyed, which she sadly confirms.

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Shibazaki investigates on his own, and while at the National Archives of Japanhe learns that a decade ago, the Rising Peace Academy implemented an operation called the "Athena Project", whose goal was to educate gifted children, but he is unable to find further details about it. He visits Ichiro Fujiwaka, a politician, and asks about it, then threatens to expose his son's illegal activities after not receiving an honest answer. Fujiwaka informs Shibazaki that orphaned children were gathered, with the gifted ones singled out for the Athena Project.

Eventually leaving, Shibazaki is joined by another suspended officer, Hamura, who helps him as he follows numerous leads. Lisa later overhears Nine and Twelve arguing about what to do with her and leaves, only to be captured by Five's men. When she wakes up in Five's office, Five initially acts friendly towards her by painting her nails, but quickly becomes hostile and tells her that she does not care for the lives of Nine and Twelve.

Later, Twelve receives a threatening text message from Five, revealing that Lisa has been taken hostage. Refusing Nine's pleas to remember their mission, Twelve sets off to try and rescue Lisa. Meanwhile, Shibazaki and Hamura visit Souta Aoki, the former welfare minister, to find out more about the Athena Project. The thought of betraying Nine is something that shakes Twelve down to his core.

On his part, despite Nine's emotionless demeanor, he openly expresses profound agony and grief at the moment of Twelve's death. Lisa Mishima Nine does not care about Lisa as much as Twelve does; this is shown when he does not go to save her with Twelve. Although he acts cold and indifferent to Lisa, he does not dislike her.

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He lets her stay at their apartment for a while, and even though they discussed moving Lisa out of their home, they never got around doing it. He also told Shibazaki to protect her after their deaths. Five Nine and Five grew up together in the settlement, and it appears from Nine's flashbacks and dreams that his relationship with Five is something that haunts him ever since he and Twelve escaped.

The exact nature of their relationship is unclear, but it seems that Nine and Five were involved in some sort of "competition" or "game" that Five insists on carrying over to the present day. Five is one of the only people that Nine views as a genuine threat, as her intelligence and hacking abilities appear to parallel, if not surpass, Nine's own.

It is also unclear whether Nine harbors residual guilt over abandoning Five at the settlement, or if he merely views her as a psychopathic threat to Sphinx's ultimate goal.