The descent 2005 ending a relationship

The Descent () ending / spoiler

the descent 2005 ending a relationship

On Sunday, the Cinefamily here in LA had a screening of Neil Marshall's The Descent, which I've previously drooled over and don't need to do. She then shows Juno the necklace that Beth took from Juno when she accidently killed Beth and left her to die. Soon, Juno realizes that Sarah knows about Beth and Juno's affair with Sarah's late husband as more crawlers come after them. Sarah impales Juno's leg with the axe and. The Descent ()(Spoiler Review). This review contains spoilers. The Story- After a whitewater rafting trip, the relationship between five.

I wonder how UK audiences took to this idea when they never had any reason to believe that she got out at all, as it might seem like a betrayal to the whole "there is no escape" thing.

But it got me thinking - is this the only time a movie with two theatrical endings got a direct sequel? I know a few movies have had alternate endings available on the DVD; Rob Zombie's Halloween, for example, has the cops gun down Michael in the workprint version floating around, but for the proper releases it was always the same version with Laurie shooting Michael.

Because that other ending wasn't seen by the world at large, his sequel picks up from the theatrical ending with Laurie now wandering around town in a daze, something that wouldn't quite work if she hadn't done anything but run to safety with Loomis.

You could argue that the UK cut of Descent is the only true ending, but since the sequel only works if she escapes, it sort of insists on Sarah escaping eventually anyway, making the US one closer to "canon" the daughter hallucinations are also absent from the followup, for what it's worth.

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It's a fun idea, and Marshall admits to throwing in some curveballs to get people thinking along those lines such as when Sarah screams and they cut to Juno and the others hearing it - except the one they hear is a Crawler screambut I can't ever really buy it. For starters, something that huge would have to have more concrete backup in the movie - too many things happen where Sarah isn't even present, so how would you account for those sequences?

We'd have to see at least ONE thing playing out in reality similar to how we realize the candles on the cake are actually her torch in the UK ending in order for it to work at all.

the descent 2005 ending a relationship

The video camera element also would seem to prove their existence why would they scream at Sarah standing behind someone? But 20 years from now, when the inevitable remake comes along? I'd love if they ran with this idea and backed it up in the film. As nearly everyone has pointed out, the movie is scary enough even before the monsters show up, so it's not like a reveal that there are no monsters and it's just a very messed up woman killing her friends would somehow decrease the terror element.

The group discovers a cave painting and climbing equipment from a previous visitor, suggesting a second exit exists. Juno keeps the latter secret, allowing for the group to remain hopeful.

The Descent : Alternate Ending 1

Holly falls down a hole and breaks her leg. Sam sets Holly's fracture with a splint and they carry her. As the others help Holly, Sarah wanders off and observes a pale, humanoid creature drinking at a pool. It scampers off into the darkness when Sarah gasps.

The others think Sarah imagined it, but Sarah insists that she saw someone.

the descent 2005 ending a relationship

Soon after they are attacked by one of the creatures, referred to as " crawlers ". The group scatter, and the crawler rips Holly's throat.

The Descent

Sarah trips and falls and passes out. Seeing Holly is still alive, Juno tries to defend her from the crawlers, but in the confusion, she whirls around, only to stab Beth through the neck with her pickaxe.

Beth grabs Juno's pendant as she drops to the ground, but Juno stumbles away in shock as Beth reaches out to her. Juno eventually locates Sam and Rebecca and rescues them from a crawler. Juno tells them she may have found a way out, but will not leave without Sarah. So it is not high art. The Descent is really no more complicated than Alien in an underground cave, just as Alien is often described as a haunted-house movie set on a spaceship.

Six women go spelunking, and bad shit happens.

Mitch MacReady's Movies & TV World: The Descent ()(Spoiler Review)

Only two of the six lead characters are developed at all: In the rafting prologue, Sarah is established as the protagonist when her husband and daughter are impaled in an auto accident, and Juno is set up as duplicitous.

And some people might find it unbearably derivative. These criticisms are minor, for the most part built in to the feature-film format. Novelistic depth is sacrificed for brevity and replaced by character shorthand, and an emphasis on important narrative information is a response to the often-overwhelming visual and aural stimulation a movie offers.

the descent 2005 ending a relationship

The structure is simple: Our six thrill-seeking chicks descend into a cave in the Appalachians. Watch out for spoilers!